Niko's Modeling Cottage

Here is my first attempt at modeling (constructive criticism is always appreciated)

as a start I made this out of a chest of gold, changing some colours around.
chest of diamonds

chest of diamonds.qb (31.3 KB)


Here are two more creations:

Pile of ingot 1:(22x22x20 voxels; 24 ingots)

Pile of ingots 2: (27x27x25 voxels; 44 ingots)


I like the concept of the first one. Second one is pretty cool too, nice difference in the top of the pile to break up the “monotony” of simple squares. Might be my eyes playing tricks, but these would occupy the same space? (i.e. 1 square in game) I can see dimensionally they are slightly different.

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The second pile occupies the same amount of space as the log pile, and is a little lower. The first one is a litlle smaller. The log pile is a 27x27x27 object.

(hope that makes sense :disappointed_relieved:)


Makes perfect sense. Keep at it, I am looking forward to see what else you come up with! I have been debating getting into some modding stuff myself, just a matter of getting work to back off and allow me more time :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think the diamonds in your chest are very… uniform. Funny, since uniformity is the main characteristic of a diamond, but for some reason I find these diamonds too uniform to be convincing. I can visualise them as maybe being a longer crystal (more like a rectangular prism with tapered ends), but when I think of diamonds I think of that classical “round/octagon top with a pointy bottom” shape; with dazzling light in all directions.

I think that’s where I’m getting visual issues here – I expect the light to be scattering off the diamonds, rather than a smooth graduation from light to shadow.

Perhaps try “randomising” the reflections more by scattering your four shades rather than having a smooth build-up from shade to highlight?

As for your ingot piles, I definitely prefer your first design – the ingots turned on their sides in the second design feel out of place, and my experiences stacking items mean that seeing that kind of “jammed in” fit raises an immediate red flag… again, it’s jarring because I expect something different.

In a heavily stylised aesthetic like Stonehearth’s visual style, expectation is often more important than reality. Your diamonds are probably quite accurate for their scale, but I expect sparkly and the lack of sparkly-ness is what makes it feel weird. Likewise, when I imagine ingot piles I expect neatly ordered rows; like a scene from James Bond or some heist movie, where the camera pans around a vault filled with row upon row of identical ingots of gold bullion. Seeing those couple of ingots “out of place” in the second design makes me question why the other ingots were stacked in the first place, and that doesn’t fit with the idea that these ingots were piled up for easy access.

But, with all of that criticism said, these are still great models and I’m impressed by your first forays into the area :slight_smile: Hopefully you can refine your ideas and carry these themes forward, because there’s a distinct lack of treasures to pile up in Stonehearth at the moment!

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I’ll definately keep this in mind!

As for the issues with the diamond, those things were originally gold coins, so I know where those issues come from. I’ll certainly try to mess with the voxels to make them look more like diamonds. Thanks for your tips on that.

The ingots on the side aren’t my favorite measures either. I wanted to make a pile with the dimensions of the log and clay piles (27x27), but I just couldn’t get it done with the the ingot dimensions, and I’ve tried alot of configurations. This was a way to make it happen anyways. Again, thanks for your tips on that. :slight_smile:

conpletely agree, MORE treasure!:crown::sparkles::trophy::moneybag::menorah::sparkles::crown:

P.S. I took another look at the diamonds, a torough polish does a lot:

NOTE TO SELF: Always polish your diamonds! chest of diamonds 2.qb (31.3 KB)


Those new diamonds definitely look more like what I expect from a box of shinies :gem:

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I really like the new take on the diamonds!

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those ingot piles look pretty cool, makes me want to have a storage building filled with them. the coloring on those diamond boxes is really good, makes them look like they’re actually shiny!

keep up the good work mate!


Thank you for all your feedback!

I’ve been working on a way to store a lot of thread:

P.S. also two pelt racks:


What do you think?


love the idea of the giant spool of thread, it looks great! and the pelt racks look really cool too, perhaps try mixing in a few fox/squirrel/raccon pelts as well though?


I like it, andwas going to say the same as @8BitCrab in using different pelts. But looks great otherwise :slight_smile:


…and a new hit thread is born.

I must disagree with @8BitCrab about the spool of thread. Although it does indeed look very good, i’m afraid there are too many voxels, the Stonehearth feel is simple and cute.

Other then that the stuff is looking great keep up the great work. :slight_smile:


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Ok, is this an improvement?



Well, it seems like most of my models are gone. The USB stick I use to store it on has broke (ironic scince I used the USB because my computer was unrelyable in starting up). No computer recognises it as an USB anymore.

Thats too bad.

I decided recently to come back to my pile-making activities. Now that I have some modding abilities, I can start to make a mod out of these piles.

I made this pallet of clay bricks, what do you think of it?


that giant spool of thread that you lost… If you build it again, i would recomend just taking the original model from the game and scale it up. The look you should go for is squared not round?
Your newest pallet of bricks looks great. It would benefit from some shadows and highlights though.

Thanks for sharing :merry:

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Your mod looks really useful and well thought out. I would like to see the aspects in game as well if that be possible.

Do you mean that you want to see these piles in the game, or do you mean my currently only mod. Or do you mean something else with aspects?

Please elaborate :grinning:.