Challenge to the Modders and content creators

Folks, putting this out there since the creation of artistic content is beyond my means… I believe I could bulldoze my way through the code part of modding but adding this to art… saddly not so…

Here is challenge/request…

Log Piles - an item that is crafted by the carpenter that is large (say 3x5 or like), looks like a log or timber pile, but ALSO functions as a container only for raw wood. I am already putting content specific containers besides building where my carpenters work… if we could make the container look more the part then all the better. This will greatly enhance the visuals of the game.

Hay Stacks - same as log piles… a great visual storage for wheat only … much visual enhancement for the game.

Rock Piles - you get the drift… for storing raw rocks.

Other task specific containers…???

Bonus points for the fart smeller that can get the graphics to change with the amount of items in the container that the object represents.

Other visual content that would add to the game…

-Blossom Trees
-barrels (although the water mechanisms of the game being developed my cover this off)
-cat animals (small ones to roam the villages)
-ducks (same as cats)

Flame On!


though i cant say with 100% certainty, i dont believe its currently possible to have a container only accept one type of item… @Drotten should be able to confirm or deny that though…

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Even if I had to select the allowable content manually from the usual pick list, that would still be fine… Would really like to have the object look the part… have been playing this game for many alpha iterations now and my current drive is to not just build and progress a functioning village of hearthlings, but to also make the village look awesome as well…



well thats pretty easy, so i might take you up on the challenge :slightly_smiling:


Can I bear your internet love children!!!??

ok… sorry… took it too far…

This would be what I feel is a “relatively” simple content that can go a long way… and I am sure there is a whole list of interesting containers that can be created from various “piles” to things like armor stands, clothes racks, etc… that can embellish crafters houses, markets, etc…


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You should check out the Silo Mod. I don’t think it’s working on Alpha 14 but they have a nice log container.


totally forgot about that…

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If you want we could do this together via skype or ts,
i should be able to get the objects in the game, but i
need help to design them :slightly_smiling:

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It’s like @8BitCrab said, you can’t really say that one container can only contain one type of item. Though you could (probably) set up the container through a script so that its filter only has “wood resource” when it’s created.


here are two ideas:

the classic Stockpile

and something fancy for the weaver


Oh nice. Would you consider something like a basket of yarn/thread/cloth for the weaver’s raw materials?

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You could make a script to create a 1 item stockpile with 10 wood resources in the same spot to create the effect of a wood pile.

I don’t know how to do that though :laughing:

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Here my try of a weaver_basket, so right?

in the next 2 days make the container_mod ready for you. btw i try it ^^


Oooh that looks great!


Here the first version, i just want to make a cupboard, then i need new ideas,
what do you want in this mod?
Some ideas? Pictures?
let us make more :slightly_smiling:

new version at the end of this thread

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If @EnochTheRed doesn’t mind me throwing all my suggestions in his/her thread. How about an apothecary cabinet for the herbalist?

Something like top two shelves of colourful potions and a bunch of little pull out drawers for herbs and bandages.


I wonder where we’ll store those cooked, un-raw rocks, then?


And here is the apothecary cabinet :slight_smile:

any ideas to make it better?

and the new Version
new version at the end of this thread


Aww that’s cute, can’t wait till I have some time to play again and put this in!

For the stone pile, if you want some ideas here are some I found:

Maybe you can stack TR’s stones in a pyramid 3x3, 2x2, then 1 on top.

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Folks, these are great… I go away to a conference for a few days, come back to the forum and see this content… this is amazing.

@Spiro Spiro… looking forward to seeing those assets in a mod.

@Tamira … do feel free to throw in any thoughts you have, i really like the idea for the stone pile…

Cheers to all!!! cant wait to get back from the conference to DL all the latest…

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