Challenge to the Modders and content creators

@EnochTheRed All above this post is already in a mod :wink:

here the first try of a stonepile, inspired by Tamiras third picture.

Some ideas to make it better?

here some ingame pictures:

Herbelist at work:

Maybe we should make the cabinet a little bit taller?!

The new Stonepiles:

and the new version of the Mod: 0.2.0 (70.5 KB)

You play that game, and then, you think where should i storage all these Plants…
and so i make a Hayball. I dont think its good, so if someone have a better idea, give it to me :slightly_smiling:

32 Slots, build by the Weaver (1 Thread + 1 leather) becouse i didnt find any wood in it.
And with it, it is possible to build a Haywall :slightly_smiling:

Version with Hayball
0.2.1 (52.1 KB)

maybe i should ad version numbers…

Does someone know how i could make hayballs, stackeable
like creates?


to do that i think you just have to make the collision box as big as the model itself, then you should be able to stack them on top of each other.

but i could be wrong, so im going to page @Drotten.

[quote=“Spiro, post:21, topic:19759”]
Maybe we should make the cabinet a little bit taller?!
[/quote]perhaps try changing the scale in the apothecary_cabinet_ghost.json from 0.1 to 0.2. in-game this will make it appear 2x the size of the models original size.

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Thx 8BitCrab :slightly_smiling:

Okay, the Hayball is now stackable, but take care, you need a ladder
to reach the next level. For other modder: it looks like the game counts
in Integer, A y value of 2.6 is for the game = 3. So you have to check your
size of your .qb

Bigger Hayball

And the Apothecary Cabinet is now tall enough to stand proud next to the
Herbalist craftingbench, but take care, if you already built a Cabinet in your
World, the size dosnt change for the old one

Mod version 0.2.2 (52.5 KB)


i believe if you move/undeploy the cabinet it will reset the size, as the size is determined by the ghost.

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try it 6-7 times without success, the Ghost got the right size. It seems like, that Containers got a extra safe place in the game, look here:

left the old one, right the new one. Good to see is, that the new have the right size :slightly_smiling:


Now that the mason has the stone pile, weaver the basket, herbalist the cabinet, and carpenter the wood pile, we can’t leave out the potter and the blacksmith. So I tried to look up how clay and ore is stored. Unfortunately, they are usually stored in sacks, barrels, and chests so nothing too unique. Looks like we’ll have to get creative :slight_smile:

So I was thinking for the clay storage maybe we can still have a wooden barrel

But have chunks of clay sticking out at the top to show it is a barrel of clay, and maybe the lid/cover leaning against the barrel like this blue one:

For ore, they usually have the ore sorted into different sacks/crates

But then I was reminded of the swinging bucket things that holds and lifts rocks and ore out of mines and maybe we can do something like that and have the ores sorted in that instead.

Something like this maybe?

Or have it all mixed up in something that looks like a mine car with no wheels?

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Thanks Tamira to be my Muse :slightly_smiling:
I hope you like it: i have a ground mounted shelf and
one wallmounted shelf for the Blacksmith:

ingot shelf

ore shelf

I think the ingot shelf will only get place for 8 items, or did you think it is to less ?
The Ore Shelf 32 btw 6*8 ähm… 48.


Those are really cool, I wish radiant would put all these to the game they fit perfectly with the game’s art style :smiley:


No no, thank you for rendering all these :slight_smile: I love the shelves! Hmm 8 might be a bit small, but then again, I can hang multiple of these shelves.

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considering that there are only 6 ingots on the shelf, it would make more sense for it to hold only 6 items :wink:

alternatively you could add 2 more ingots

Yeah good point 8BitCrab, im a bit scared, that the shelf could break down, if we put to much weight in it ^^

So, i had a little bit freetime, btw i can realy got relax by moddeling ^^.

my version of a Barrel of Clay with lid/cover leaning against the barrel :slightly_smiling:
(notice for me, use more of instead of the Denglisch version)

All together ingame:

And a working Weaver at night :slightly_smiling:

And now have fun with the new stuff
Mod version 0.3.0

Tamiras & (75.5 KB)


So I had a chance to play and see this mod in action :slight_smile: OMG they are so cute and made all the little workshop and buildings much more unique!

Look, my hospital/clinic is complete! I can imagine instead of pulling potions and bandages out of some crates the herbalist is mixing stuff for his patients before administering them.

If you are up for more ideas, I’m building the house for my trapper and thought of something we could do as well. A meat drying rack! Jerky doesn’t just magically appear off the animal :stuck_out_tongue:

Something like this with jerky dangling from it?


Wuhu a new idea :slight_smile:

thats my first try, it has a in game size of 3x3 and could store 32 items.
It is bigger than a large crate, so it should be fair :slightly_smiling:

If you want i could make it bigger, like the miniature picture, posted by tamira.

The Trapper dosnt only make jerky, he is also the master of fur :slightly_smiling:

so he need a frame, for the fur and a chest to store them (we make a container mod, so he need a chest xD )
but we could also make it like the ingot shelf, so we could only put the frame at a wall (english grammer error…)

To get the new version (without the frame, i implement it if you like it^^)
the mod stands from now on at
praise DB, Stonehearth mod manager


This is all awesome stuff… I only wish I had the time to learn the tools to participate and not just be a leach off you creative and talented folks. But ill take it!!!

glad to see this up on DB…

Welcome back Enoch :slightly_smiling:

for me it is realy easy, you use copy and paste and hope somebody like it ^^.
I was never a creativ guy…

Look here, The shelf is the same as the ore_shelf, the board i use from the stonepile, and all the stuff in the shelf, are TR stuff.

What do you, and all other here, think of a big cooking pot to store food?


Honestly, with the curing frame I’d argue for it to be freestanding. IRL you want air circulation on both sides of the pelt.


Hey ho,

Tomorrow is mod day, there you got the whole new stuff.

@Kasarov : nice city, and thx for remind me, theres also the rayyas children
in this game, we have to create also container for them :slightly_smiling:

a Clay bucket :slight_smile:

i hope i got the right style


The Update is now on

New stuff:
Cook Shelf
Clay Bucket
Fur Frame

and all things should now be able to place on the right way.

Here a Picture with all of our stuff, which we made for this mod :slightly_smiling:

so what next?
a clay cook shelf for Rayyas children?
ähm Armor holder and containers for the Army?
more ideas and inspiration pls :smiley:


Military containers, like armor and weapon racks
Barrels of berries/corn/carrots, to serve the same function as the hay bale
Plain wooden chests (without the fur frame) for general purpose use indoors
Plain wooden barrels for general purpose use indoors

to name a few ;D I know some are just slight changes to existing things, but you’ve outdone yourself already as is! Those themed containers will surely beautify many a storage space. (Mine currently is ~1,000 wooden crates stacked haphazardly)

EDIT: I also just realized you linked me on this thread, no idea why you wrote “nice city” here instead of the actual build thread but thanks nonetheless! :smiley:

@spiro dont think of me as ungreatful or anything but these are still just visually modified containers