Lest do this one again! - A New challenge to the Modders out there

So here is another challenge to the moders, i think it could work using existing mechanics, will add “some” enhanced functionality to the game that can be further enhances if the Devs add other mechanics to the core game engine. While it may be egotistical of me to think so but it was curious that the stone and wood piles showed up shortly after a call to mod these containers with a specific look and the great work that ppl put into it :wink:

So the task at hand is to create a mod that adds a new Class the game - lets call it The Hauler for now. Items 1 and 2 are core to this mod request, 3 is aesthetic, 4 to 7 are for keener points.

  1. this class will be promoted directly from the the worker class and will require the creation of the “carrying object” - be it a back pack, cart or box of your choice. If backpack then make this crafted by the Weaver at say level 4, if a simple cart/box then crafted by the carpenter at say level 4 or 5. Perhaps the Hauler can have a backpack that holds 16 items to start with… more? less?

  2. When the Worker is assigned this job with the appropriate object. They will be a simple uber-worker that can only transport goods in the normal game mechanics and no other function… no building, only hauling. The sole purpose of this class is to improve the hauling aspect of the game so that you can have one or two dedicated builders in worker pool, while adding a more capable hauler that can run around and gather stuff and backto its destined containers.

  3. If you are inclined/able, you can add a new character skin - this is where you can be creative, the skin can be a hearthling with a big back pack hump on it back OR perhaps a box that is carried in front or behind them (wheels if you want as well?). I think the back-pack one might be easiest to make, but hey if your creative then good on you!

  4. extra points option One. For having this carrying object up-gradeable with higher level containers both holding more and being created by more complex build queues. Ex. better backpacks at higher Weaver levels. In the same vein as footmen being able to go from a basic wooden weapon to better ones.

  5. Extra points option Two. Having Hauler specific clothing upgrade - boots for example that add some unit of greater speed,

  6. Extra points option Three. If you can add a filter to what the Hauler can carry using the existing mechanics that would be awesome as well. This will ensure that if you have a remote and efficient group of trappers that the Hauler will gather their stuff while you disable the hauler aspect of the trappers - example of high efficiency. But not sure if the Devs added a container/filter attribute to hearthlings…

  7. Extra points option Four. If you can have the Hauler employ a beast of burden - say the existing Yak model with carrying bags, or a mule if you wanted to create one perhaps? As food for thought, perhaps the beast of burden can behave using the mechanics that a shepherd used when it is drawing an animal back to the pens except with a permanent and/or tighter leash and better speed? You don’t have to make the container for the objects on the beast, this could be purely visual, while keeping the container with the hearthlings attributes.

POSSIBLE PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENTS TO THE GAME - with some dedicated hauler classes that can efficiently collect and move resources that are created, you can remove the hauling function of your specialized trades Hearthlings and if I am not mistaken therefore reduce the load the game generates in determining who, what, where to haul when all of the hearthlings are part of that decision and routing process. It will push the function on to a fewer number of target hearthlings who are able to do it more efficiently.

GAME PLAY FEATURE - if this works, then it gives us more reasons to add job specific hearthlings to our worlds … oh what a wonderful symphony of activity we will have created!

FUTURE STATE USE - I really want to find a workable way to have “outposts” or resource camps, this will necessitate the addition of an overhaul to the the stockpile mgt systems as suggested many many time in the forum… But with the existence of a Hauler class this can really come together!!!

Thanks in Advance! Lets keep this great game growing!



Calling you fine folks out for your responce to my first mod challenge/request… to give you appropriate credit as well as to raise your attn to this one… wink wink!

Pity @Wiese2007 does my modding, I just do the modeling :stuck_out_tongue:


sorry to say, but i’m not doing much modding as of late, i just don’t really have the time, and when i do i’m generally feeling too down to bother. when i do get into back into modding i’ll have my hands full with wizards n’ stuff… :disappointed_relieved:

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Not gonna lie, I like the idea of a base worker upgrade class… perhaps there’s something to that.

mega reference post of ideas I’ve talked about previously that will solve this same problem (or related ones) in different ways