[MOD] Piles Plus v5.0 (The SH 1.0 update!) 📦

Piles Plus Mod v5.0

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This mod will teach your hearthlings how to pack things up for storage. They are analogues for the log pile, stone pile and clay pile that you are familiar with. I tried to keep as close to the stonehearth style as possible, so this mod will be minimally-intrusive for your vanilla-feel gameplays.

The current version adds piles for:

  • all ores
  • lumps of coal
  • all ingots
  • clay bricks
  • thread
  • leather and cloth
  • most kinds of fiber
  • all pelts
  • varanuses skins
  • all herbs and feathers from before SH release
  • jerky
  • eggs
  • all gears

Current Version: 5.0
This version is the one updating the mod to 1.0 standards. Due to just how many resources have been added to the game in the release update, I don’t have full coverage anymore. Trying to get full coverage of all the possible resources would mean making a lot more piles, most of which you’ll rarely use. Thus, if you want/need a pile included in this mod, ask me , that is the best way to for me to know what is actually useful to add. I added a jerky drying rack by request of @Averest for that reason, so don’t hesitate to ask for piles!

All my mods can be found at my Github Mod repository. The mod is also available through Steam.


Changes in v5.0

  • transferred core files to Steam. The basic infrastructure is now that of the steam mod. It should be backwards compatible for non-steam users.
  • added pile of jerky
  • Made changes to the folder structure, the mod should be backwards compatible.
  • rotten piles of jerky and rotten boxes of eggs can now be harvested,… for rotten stuff,… but hey, maybe that will someday be useful somehow.
  • added an easter egg
  • made custom material tags translateable
  • more changes to large pelt racks and small pelt racks, including new pelts,
    • the racks are now slightly shifted upwards, so you might need to destroy and replace every rack so their models update. This was sadly necessary. It was due to the hacky nature of their positioning that I had to change it, because it didn’t work anymore.
    • made the large pelt racks also drop boar but no cougar (ask me if change is necessary there)
    • the large pelt racks now have boar hides in them, to reflect previous change
    • small pelt racks now drop deer hides as well
Earlier versions

Changes in 4.1.0

  • Added appeal to everything
  • Fixed in-game piles having variable quality (I consider this an exploit.)
  • Fixed clay pile having -2 appeal, whereas the other resource piles in-game (wood, stone) have -1
  • Json cleanup
  • Fixed locales typo
  • Fixed the varanus skin rack having the wrong iconic
  • Changed wolf pelt rack to large pelt rack and other minor changes to pelt racks in anticipation of the cougar and the deer.
  • Added crate-with-crowbar harvesting overlay
  • gave the wheat bale the crowbar overlay (before it was the chop overlay)

Changes in v4.0.4

  • Fixed two bugs related to the engineer.

Changes in v4.0.3

  • Fixed a bug with engineer recipes.

Changes in v4.0.2

  • Fixed a bug where ingot piles were unharvestable.

Changes in v4.0.1

  • Fixed a typo in a .json
  • Fixed a mixin being ignored by the game --> eggs will now spoil

Changes in v4.0

  • added stacks of gears
  • added bags of flowers
  • added bags of feathers
  • added boxes of eggs
  • added a dormant gold chest
  • overrided some pile_iconics for more detailed versions, for consistency with the mod
  • re-balanced, re-scaled and re-modeled the ingot piles
  • fixed a typo, and performed other changes in the locales file
  • removed symbols from the mod name that the engine didn’t like me using
  • moved download location to github

Changes in v3.0.5

  • changed mod to a .smod

Changes in v3.0

  • added spools of thread
  • added bales of fiber
  • added rack for cloth and leether
  • added pelt racks

Changes in v2.0

  • added ingot piles
  • fixed bug where engine errors were popping up for silver and steel ore piles
  • added pallet of clay bricks
  • added rudimentary json for future clean-up changes.

Go to @Yangzhoui, @Hamnisu and @BrunoSupremo for help with my bugfixing difficulties. Also thanks to everyone who helped me improve the mod by sending in bug reports.

Legal Stuff
I made this mod for practical purposes, so I don’t mind if people use it for their own mods. If you’re going to ask money for you mod, then I’d like you to ask permission, but for free mods and the game you get my permission by default.

… is always welcome.


Out of curiosity, are they going to be stacks like the wood and stone stock, or are they going to be storage containers, allowing hearthlings to store and take out the materials when needed?

They are going to be stacks.


I look forward to the completion of this mod! It will become very handy in so many ways :merry:


Pretty neat idea, and it looks good so far!

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Piles Plus v1.0

Well that went quicker than expected. This first version only adds the ore piles, and a coal pile.

at the first post


Thanks for making this very useful mod. Makes storing the large amounts of stone/copper/tin which you obtain when digging for gold/iron much easier. Also, appreciate it that the stacks are both craftable by the blacksmith and the mason.

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You are welcome. :smile:

I am happy that people are noticing my considerations.

I love this mod and the piles of ore look so great! But i recieved this, so i thought i would pass it along to you @nikosthefan :slight_smile:

Oh, yes, I think I already fixed that one for next patch. (To check, you can look in the manifest and see if the second and third to last lines on the alias section have comma’s at the end).

I am working on the next patch, and I hope to be able to come to the rescue soon.

Speaking of soon, the second version is ready.

Piles Plus v2.0

This version adds stacks of ingots and pallets of clay bricks.

at the first post

Changes in v2.0

  • added ingot piles
  • fixed bug mentioned above
  • added pallet of clay bricks
  • added rudimentary json for future clean-up changes.

Piles Plus v3.0

This version adds all kinds of piles which are useful for the weaver. The next version is supposed to become the final one, with just a few more piles added and a some clean-up work to make it fit better within stonehearth.

at the first post

Changes in v3.0

  • added spools of thread
  • added bales of fiber
  • added rack for cloth and leather
  • added pelt racks

@Hamnisu and @BrunoSupremo for helping with the pelt_rack. Thanks :grinning:.


The pelt-racks looks really good; great job, @nikosthefan!

Thank you, I did waay more work on them then I expected I needed, so I’m happy to see it come out good.

Hello, so the Mod installs as instructed. In the menu, this is also included in the list, but unfortunately the hook does not exist when I select the mod. Have this problem also with your other mod.

This was translated with google translator.

Do you mean this menu?

yes, so i click OK and make a Game loading and the Mod is far away

i have test it : download mod and unzip into mod folder, download and rename the zip, and download unzip re-zip and rename in .smod… sorry i have no idea who is the Problem ???

I have had this problem as well, … and to be honest with you I have no clue why or how this is caused.

You can fix it by going into the same folder as were the start-up of stonehearth lives: stonehearth.exe, there in that same folder sits a .json file called user_settings.json or something like that. You need to open it, search the mod, set false to true and it should work.

I got ninja’ed.

Did renaming the folder to .smod work for you?

Piles Plus run, Peg Planing not, i have set false of true, rename the archiv is my last option. Game say the manifest.json is incorect from Peg Planing. THX THX THX THX THX , i test it tomorow the peg mod to run it

Are there piles yall would still like to see?

I currently still have the piles for gears and herbs planned.