[MOD] Smart Crafter

How do i install this mod and put it inside the game (first time downloading this kind of mod)

If you have Stonehearth running, start by terminating Stonehearth ^^

Within you Stonehearth-folder (…/Steam/steamapps/common/Stonehearth), there is a mods-folder.
Place the .smod-file (from this mod or any other mod you want) within your mods-folder and now start Stonehearth.

When Stonehearth is started and you are greeted by the start screen, in your top-right there will be a settings-button.
Click it, and head over to the Mods-tab; this is where you select which mods are active and which are not :slight_smile:

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It’s just as Hamnisu said, download the .smod file using one of the links above and place the file where you have the game installed. The path given by Hamnisu is the correct one, given that you installed it through Steam (which I assume you did).

Though, the full path to the Stonehearth mod folder, for you, could be
C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth\mods, as long as you didn’t specify another location of where to install Steam itself.

And, as mentioned as well, if you have the game running, you need to close it down first before the mod can take any affect (as with any other Stonehearth mod). By default, all new mods that you’ve added are enabled, but thought the Mods-tab in the settings, you can disable, or re-enable, any mods that you have installed without having to remove them directly from the mods folder.

If there’re any uncertainties here, don’t hesitate to write another comment, we’ll help as soon as we can. :slight_smile:

Ahhhhh - i allways removed/added mods manually - nice to know that there is an easier way, thx :slight_smile:

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Hello, your mod doesn’t seem to work on version 0.23.0 :frowning:

release-780 (x64)[M]

c++ exception: invalid file path ‘/Piles_Plus/jobs/engineer/recipes/brightbell_bag_recipe.json’.
stack traceback:
[C]: in function 'load_json’
radiant/modules/resources.lua:35: in function ‘load_json’
…nehearth/services/server/job/job_info_controller.lua:260: in function ‘_build_craftable_recipe_list’
…nehearth/services/server/job/job_info_controller.lua:106: in function 'activate’
radiant/modules/commons.lua:277: in function ‘create_controller’
…earth/services/server/job/player_jobs_controller.lua:48: in function ‘_ensure_job_id’
…earth/services/server/job/player_jobs_controller.lua:77: in function 'get_job’
stonehearth/services/server/job/job_service.lua:66: in function ‘get_job_info’
…ices/server/crafter_info/crafter_info_controller.lua:35: in function 'post_activate’
radiant/modules/commons.lua:280: in function ‘create_controller’
…ervices/server/crafter_info/crafter_info_service.lua:26: in function ‘add_crafter_info’
…ervices/server/crafter_info/crafter_info_service.lua:35: in function 'get_crafter_info’
smart_crafter/smart_craft_order_list.lua:20: in function 'add_order’
stonehearth/components/workshop/craft_order_list.lua:71: in function <stonehearth/components/workshop/craft_order_list.lua:65>

Hi @Etienne_Etienne. Thanks for notifying me of any bugs that this mod can cause, but this bug is actually from the mod Piles Plus and it’s also a bug that’s been fixed a while ago.
Head back over to the Piles Plus thread, download the newest version, and see if that works (it’s possible that you may have to start a new game for the changes to take place). :slight_smile:


thank you for your answer. I’ve been away from the game for a moment. I own it from Steam, so I follow updates from time to time. thanks for the tips :slight_smile:

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Drotten? You know what i want :stuck_out_tongue:

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Could it be to add this mod to Workshop? Will do! :slight_smile:



You can now find this mod up on Steam Workshop!
Of course, this only concerns those that play the game through Steam, for you guys that don’t, nothing changes; the mod will still stay up on this thread and be downloadable and playable with or without Steam. :slight_smile:


huhu little info: in an mp game we get this error:

release-835 (x64)[M]
smart_crafter/smart_craft_order_list.lua:149: attempt to index local ‘order’ (a nil value)
stack traceback:
[C]: ?
smart_crafter/smart_craft_order_list.lua:149: in function <smart_crafter/smart_craft_order_list.lua:147>

Thanks for letting me know!
What did you do when you got this bug?

… thats the problem on MP … we dont know which off the 3 players has caused it and how ^^ but i will inform you if i see it again and perhaps then with better input :smiley:

I’ll try some stuff out then to see what caused it. Did anything break when that happened, or could you still play as normal?

just all normal - havent seen any difference

Mod update!

Just a small fix to make sure that the mod won’t break when another mod adds a recipe category that doesn’t contain any recipes at all.


If I could make one “small” request… As this mod makes it so when adding a maintain order while already having one just modifies the existing order to match, it would be nice to have a new option to add an additional maintain order to the queue so I can have multiple workers working on the same object.

As it stands now I had to turn the mod off just because I needed to add additional orders here and there to make sure my work flow kept on truckin’ (Especially with a particularly irksome bug in the queue right now).

Probably not important to most but I’m sure there are some like me who’d find it useful.

Hi! I see what you mean, I did it that way to make sure that the order queue won’t be cluttered by maintain orders. But I could disable that feature later when I have the time. :slight_smile:

It is a nice feature, I enjoy not having clutter in my queues! At the same time I personally need at least two orders of thread or my weavers just can’t keep up with demands.

Overall though your addition is one of my favorites, current troubles aside.

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Drotten, I’ve been using this since it came out as you might remember ( or not :slight_smile:) however I’ve been noticing that without it the game tends to do everything I also expect to happen with your mod. I still click for the extras I want and with the current building system, the queues just fill up and work it’s way to the processed item.

I could be entirely wrong ofcourse but did they make the crafting logical in the base game now ? Is the mod more or less obsolete for the people who got stuck on the signs not being made :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve lived this mod since birth but honestly just wonder if I still need it.