Niko's Mod Dev Streams

Hi, @nikosthefan here, I’m the creator of the Piles Plus mod and others. I decided to start streaming a bit of devolpment on my twitch channel.

Feel free to stop by, till then,


I will be live at the next whole hour. This one is going to be a short one though.

Unlike last time, I have asked twitch to keep recordings of the streams around, so you can watch it back later. (nope, twitch does not like me) I planned to announce the stream a little earlier this time, however, a day of studies made me very tired, so I wasn’t going to push myself by announcing it. I plan on streaming in at fridays in the evening (GMT+1), starting at the week after next one. Next week I have a shift for a special event at the museum where I work.

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baww too bad about the watching back XD (since im only now seeing this)

It worked for all the test streams after last time. It worked for the first half of the stream. Then I stopped the stream because technical difficulties where plaquing me, and i deleted it because it was just me trying to get things started. Then the second half twitch just did not want to save.

But look:

Let’s hope it will go well next time.


I will be live shortly.

I will be live tonight at 20:00 GMT+2. I will be working on small model changes and other improvements to the piles plus mod.

Till then.

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