Unreal Twitch Streams


So, hey guys…

I am sure most you know who I am by now? *Oh no! It’s that annoyying nub again - facepalm- ! Yep! That’s me :wink:

Anyway i would like to introduce you to my twitch channel twitch.tv/lord_gameough

I do have a youtube channel - but its lacking in conntent (and may be for a while) Unreal_Gam3er

  • any live streams that i am presently doing will be accumilated in this same thread
  • i may decide (at some point) to convert my streams over to Youtube - so that they will saty far beyond the 14 day limit on twitch


Hardly a nub. Thanks for being so active on Steam as well as here. :slight_smile:


Appologies… i am aware that in the first video above, i miss-pronouce a few words… near the start i noetice that i say *the Giant Map Mod by Bruno Supremo is available from the - Stonehearth Discord8 (errr… LOL?) - obviously imeant the Stonehearth Discourse


NOTE Remember, if you have missed an episode, you may watch my VODs via Past Broadcasts on my channel (they stay for up to 14 days)

  • A New Story Abandonned -

I encountered a game breaking bug (of stream) while trying to build a house + Road on the lake near my start

I am now starting a new game Lost At Sea - using Arhipelago Biome Mod created by @BrunoSupremo

Ok so i used the Archipelago Mod in Rickety builder (please check above stream/my other thread here for details) and it broke the game… the save was recoverable, so i will continue with this series tomorrow :slight_smile: (or as i am able)


ok so just wondering if you guys would like me to stream an MP game?

And a call to arms for @Fornjotr @YMIHere @Wouter_Sikkema @Averest @Wiese2007 @LordCrow @pingu and anyone else… want to join in on the Hearth-sanity?


Ohh that really sounds great!! :slight_smile:
Love how the mp works.


My internet was pretty bad yesterday, but I’d be down if you still have space.


Now live with 7 player MP


ok so not as stable to stream as we thought… you can hear it all on my most recent past broadcast :slight_smile:
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about to go live (new single player game with mods) twitch.tv/lord_gameough


Which mods did you use?


a few :stuck_out_tongue: i will list after streaming


the mods in use in my new SP - Series are as follows

  • Biomes
    Green Mesa
    White Cliffs

  • Others
    Creative Loadouts (only use on peaceful - watch above video for details)
    Jomaxro Doors
    Miner Profession
    Yangz Yingz

So far… so stable


going live https://www.twitch.tv/

Mods in use (active)

Miner Profession
Plains (Lowland)
White Clifs