My twitch stream

Hey guys, i am set up on twitch (i have lost my trillian program which lets me talk to you from the game itself, so i wont be able to see what you guys typ in the chat box until later or when i get back from my friends on thursday :’( ) going live in approx 20 mins

head over to Twitch interested cheers

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ok got trillian back, going live now

Sorry Barney had to jump out! Hope you have a good stream :slight_smile:

no worries… still not sorted trillian out just alt tab :P, trillian hates steam

on another note, stream is over guys, if you like you can watch it back in my video archives on my twitch chanel (listed above)

next stream thursday evening (uk time) or will that clash with @Tom?

don’t feel like bed yet, new stream live in approx 10-15 mins (this time i show you how to mine efficiently (or at least the way i do it lol)

i am now live another 20 characters? they should get rid of that :stuck_out_tongue:

firstly, i will try and make it to your streams eventually.(life’s kinda busy right now)

thats so that people cant spam the chat :wink:

understood :slight_smile: i might be streaming later on today, will keep you guys posted

hey guys, i am live again at barneyboy123 (twitch) just give me a few mins to sort out a drink :slight_smile:

ok guys, the stream is now live! (i should have a better way of doing this… because of the time it takes you guys to read this + any late comers

pretty good streams man. and yes, i am your biggest fan :wink: