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Aha i mean in game i’d like to see them placed in game, sorry


ah ok, well I wondered the same thing just after making the pallet. So I replaced the main model of the startermod with this one, just to see it in game. It is not fully modded in however, (its kinda a hack, really,) and the other ones aren’t in the game entirely.

I’ll share a picture of the test:

The mod is far from even being in existence though.


Maybe a little too high? I suggest lowering the stack by 4 layers and see how that looks?

I love the idea. :merry:


I understand. But (yep there is a but), how many layers there are is not some random guess. With this height, there is exactly the same amount of bricks as 16 clay bricks groups made by the potter. (This is useful in a recipe-technical standpoint)

The clay bricks model in the game as an extra brick on top. This makes it so that each model (quarter layer) has onevbrick extra, each layer has a quarter layer of bricks (i.e. four) extra, and every four layers has an extra layer of bricks extra. The amount of bricks is deliberately chosen.

That said, I might choose to cheat a little in favor for the looks. I just try to prevent it at this point to see what is necessary. It is less than four stonehearth voxels tall, so that is at least something.


nice really looks good i do agree with golden to some extent but instead of lowering it maybe have it a little longer and wider, just form physics point of view it seem unstable but it really dose look cool good job


I could also go with this layout (12 clay bricks)

or this layout:

they look like someone already took some bricks off of them. But wouldn’t that look weird if you have multiple of them next to oneanother :thinking:.

I will try @ChI11Ed_PyThON suggestion of making them wider later. I’ll try to get a “perfect” solution with a 2x3 stonehearth voxel pile.


That dose look good. If you was have fore of them making a bigger square but have them rotated to it would look like the are taking from the middle last so i do not believe it would look strange :slight_smile:


Thank you, and yes, a wider pallet would look better. The top-heavy visual just bothers me, sorry.


Here are my experiments with the 3x2 voxel pallet. I think Iike this one. It is a “perfect” solution (i.e. exactly the same amount of bricks as 12 clay brick groups, stacked without half or quarters (non-full) layers), which is less high than the first version. This one is half the height.


i like it. And it seems more logical not to stack bricks on a pallet higher than your own head :merry:


Oh, here is the in-game test:




Agreed, perfection! :merry:

Thanks for working more on that @nikosthefan.


I agree with you. A square spool would be better than a round one. Now I think the spool is going to be my next model, so I will take this in mind.


I did some experiments on the giant spool. Here are the results:

In game tests:

Edit: I just found out that I have a lot more wiggle room. I will have to do some more experiments with this.

The models above are upscaled versions, some stretched a little for more height. This mans these are the slim variants. I could also do bulky, maximizing the use of floorspace that the spool sits on. Then, I could change the size of the corner cavities in the thread (whichgivs it the rounded look) on the bulkier version, so it becomes a little less bulky.

Within that freedom, there is also the heigth, I can do a low (2 vx (voxels)) one, a high one (3 vx) or a bulky and even higher one (4 vx). I could also have one with a floorplan of 3x3 vx, but only 1 vx or 2 vx high. There are so many options.


If you haven’t done it already, I would recommend using a cloud service (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.) to back up your work, so your work won’t be so easy to disappear ever again.

The ones I’ve mentioned above offer several gigabytes of cloud storage with a free account. If you have a Microsoft or Google account, then you already have access to either Ms. OneDrive or Google Drive. Plus you can install their clients on your computer to have the contents of a folder automatically syncronized across all devices (in the case of Windows 10, OneDrive comes pre-installed with it).

Disregard this if you already knew about them, seeing the post above is from last November.


That is a good idea, thanks! :grinning:

Also, I did some more experiment for the thread spools

I think it is either going to be the third or the fourth.


I am currently working on cloth/leather storage. Here is my first two experiments.


I love how you’ve turned the cloth color scheme into shadows from all the cloth above.


The cloth storage looks awesome