Complecated creations

Was just wondering what other hard to make objects people were running into while making their creations. So far i have had trouble making large fauna like wolfs etc. I have also had trouble making quivers and throwing glaives. post what you have had trouble making and if you have prevailed post a pic of the awesome creation.

@xeno I cant make anything :cry: Im terrible at qubicle creator!!!

I am working currently on some objects maybe it will become to a mob if you like the idea. For me it is mainly training in Qubicle because my first objects looked terribly.
Maybe some tipps for you guys @Xeno @Newf :wink:

  1. Don’t start with creature or living things for me it was easyer to start with weapons shields or some items.
  2. Try to make objekts that you see on pictures
  3. Maybe watch out for some Stonehearth pictures where you can see some objekts from the developers and try to copy them and learn the Stonehearth style which helps you by making Stonehearth mods :wink:

It’s all about learning to use the Program and how to modeling your ideas in Qubicle.
Good luck for the future and post some of your objekts so we can give you feedback.

If worst comes to worst you could test make objects in minecraft, just make them really big. There is a big community there so some people will likely help

Check my three day work here ^^ -> Roman Test

Start big, and cut it down. Also, do it piece by piece. The elephant was just kicking my but, until I just attacked it from the easiest bit first. Take the part you KNOW (in this case, the head/trunk; that shape is pretty much what tells you its an elephant) and build it. Then copy-paste, just so you have a saved record, and just build it from there.
Finally, remember what @Tom says, and that is "Don’t get bogged down by realism"
This is Stonehearth, it doesn’t have to be a perfect replica of whatever, it just needs to suggest/show people what it is.