Container Full Indicator

Want to gauge interest on an idea. With the ever increasing prevalence of crates…and chests…and soon to be vaults (or whatever the name turns out to be), I feel that there needs to be some sort of on-screen indicator of their fullness, or at least if they are full. While stockpiles could be viewed visually, crates cannot. Something similar to what happens when someone is hungry, maybe?


the idea in whole sounds neat, however I would worry about lag issues, that is something that seems like it would be adding to a current issue as it


You get no argument from me on the resource issue of the idea :smile:!

i mean other wise it would be neat, I am sure over time the resource issue will be tackled. so I dont see why not. I would also worry about how it would look when they are stacked. how the icon/s would look


Perhaps instead of an icon, maybe it could be a color/shading change. Sort of like when an item is in a stockpile and you change the filter, some items are “greyed-out” and should stay, while others are fully colored and have to be moved. Perhaps something like that…

that actually may work better, I mean I am not a coder. but I defiantly think that would take up less resources :smiley:

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It shouldn’t matter which method (visually) is used in terms of resources, the CPU usage is going to come from the “constant” need to check if the chest/crate/vault is full, and then change the GUI accordingly. Whether the chest is grey or an image appears above it should not affect the performance.

Edit: Thinking about this more, a much more performance friendly way of analyzing the chest’s fullness would be to have a counter assigned to the object which is added to/subtracted from when an item is added/removed, that way the engine is not constantly checking each object, but will know when it is full once the counter reaches a certain number.

Crates which are not full should have their lid open
Crates which are full should have their lid close

Easy way to see if it’s full or not


@Gayou, I like your idea, but I also have to think about what @Simica_Na said about stacking…how would you see lids if they are stacked? Also, there aren’t really lids on the crates, just the chests, and the upcoming urns for the Potter class also don’t seem to have lids…

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Hmmm normally that shouldnt be the Problem… Like the sheep there should be an second qb where you can See that something looks out of the create so you know ok now its empty xD

All in all a Good idea xD

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Crates are awesome space-savers and keep things looking nice and clean. Unfortunately, when I use them the biggest problem I have is that it’s impossible to tell how full they are. So if my carpenter is walking across the map with his crafted items I won’t know unless I actually spot my carpenter doing that. If there was some sort of indicator on the crate (half full, full) it might be helpful. I would be in favor of swapping out the model with a similar one that has some sort of small indicator on it. That way it’s unobtrusive and it can still look good.


Go the route that sim-games such as Cities: Skylines go, and create what they refer to as (if memory serves) “overlay views”. The idea here is that you can select an overlay view of, say, containers storing wood. This will then show a little icon on any containers and stockpiles that store wood, telling you roughly how full they are (empty/some/full). You could filter this overlay view by anything you can filter storage by. Achieve this without further cluttering the UI by showing the view when you have the stockpile tool (or any container) selected, and use that same filter pane to set preferences on the object before placing it.
(e: Obviously you would use the already available information to do this. I believe containers/stockpiles already know their count of free space, as it’s shown on the tab in their filter/contents dialog.)

On a similar note, filter and sort controls for the hearthlings menu would be great too - sort by highest stat, filter out non-crafters, that sort of thing. The information is available, so there’s no reason not to allow quick operations on it.


at trying to create a new create i have seen the colorline in the big create is equal ^^ sometimes the line has 5 voxel and sometimes only 4 ^^

hmmmmm my first try to make something ^^ i wanted to have it open and empty

large_crate_open.qb (74.2 KB) for an better look load this in troxel


Only problem I see with this is that crates are suppose to be stackable… how to you stack a crate on an open crate? o.O


dedimm ^^ S**T i know i have missed something ^^

… ok there are only stackable when they are full - so its more realistic ^^^^^^^^

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that was my original thought when i first saw this… realistically you would really want to stack up empty crates…

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they are still stackable :smiling_imp:

but hey it was worth a try ^^

ealistically you would really want to stack up empty crates…

not really when i get a create i fill them and stack them into my shelf or storage ^^ but i know what you mean ^^ then perhaps i could give 3 forms - closed empty - open ready to fill and then closed filled?


the all powerful crate staircase!

[quote=“Wiese2007, post:17, topic:16793”]
but hey it was worth a try ^^
[/quote]indeed it was!


instead of the crate opening from the top why not have it open from the side?


i like that thought… but then realistically the stuff would spill out the side when it started to get full… depending upon what was in it…

maybe i should just stop trying to make it more realistic :laughing:

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