Stockpile space availability

Now with crates implemented, its harder then ever to get a feel for how much total free space you have left.
A simple way to solve this is to add a simple text in the “jurnal” showing you your inventory space:
Inventory: 987/1000

This way i know when to start pumping out new crates.


I think everyone hopes that this will be in alpha 12, or even in the stable alpha 11.

That would certainly be nice. I’m kind of hoping for something right on the crates though, to visually indicate about how full they are at a glance without having to click through each one. I’m not sure what that would look like, but maybe somebody has some ideas?

well perhaps it could work the same as the idea of having hearthlings names above them,

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Storage indicators

We would need a better indicator showing where are crates and storage position getting full for us to be able to control the flow of resources.

There is currently no “indicator”, “number”, “reference” which would allow us to have this checked all at once and at the same time without checking each single box one by one.

How about having the storage shading change in color when in “storage zoning” mode depending on how full the storage is?

This would be particularly useful when gaming on different “working” areas since we would be able to control each particular region of our city and the storage availability to a certain location. ( Logistics )

I usually organize my city trying to represent real life production situations, such a Granary ( storing food ) or a Quarry with it’s own storage position just for stone to name some.

Would also add some other economical indications under the idea of Logistics such as:

Total amount of objects owned:
Would advise us what our currently owned object is and how much storage we would need to have everything settled.

Total amount of occupied storage tiles:
Would advise us what percentage of “tidiness” we currently have in our city, should we have 200 storage position being used and a total of 500 resources items it clearly states we have

Total available storage positions:

Maybe I’m too “economically oriented”, what do you guys think?

We certainly need a better display for quantities of materials or a warning per category of object.
My workers were not moving anymore and I realised that it was because they couldn’t unload their backpack: the crate where I was stocking threads was full.
I suggest a talking bubble on the top of their head saying “There is no place to store that thread.”

Also quantities of stored items should appear in crafting windows. I always forget how many ore I’ve got in store when I need to craft ingots.

Hey there!,

Just had a quick suggestion.

On crates and storage zones there’s a number with each crate/zone that represents the total capacity of that crate/zone followed by a number to show what amount of that capacity is being used.

I feel like I’m not making sense here, plus I don’t know how words work, so hopefully an example will help.

Let’s say you have a large crate, which I believe can hold up to 32 items. And let’s say in that crate you have 12 wooden logs. What I’m referring to is the “Used Space” number and in this case would be shown as 12 / 32.

So! Now that I’ve made this super easy, simple little thing extraordinarily complicated… I was thinking…

  • Would it be possible to have that same “Used Space” number in the “Town Inventory” screen to show your town’s total carrying capacity and how many items in all together you have?

With storage zones it’s easy to identify when you need more zones. But with the addition of crates, perhaps obviously, not so much.

Hopefully you folks like the idea!

Have a good one,

For the crates, need a natural transformation for trees in game.


What do you mean?


That means game producers must up crates wood need (like 10-20) and trees must be able to reproduce itself.


I apologize buddy, but I don’t understand.


i think he means,

[quote=“AtakanOzel, post:4, topic:16802”]
That means game producers must up crates wood need (like 10-20)
[/quote]the recipe for crates needs to require more wood,

[quote=“AtakanOzel, post:4, topic:16802”]
and trees must be able to reproduce itself.
[/quote]and trees need to be able to be regrown (which is actually possible in A12…)

thats what i understood, but i could be wrong.


I think he means reproducing on their own…like in real life. Spreading from a root or seed to spread


ah yes, thats something that is planned if i’m not mistaken…

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Oh sweet! I didn’t know that. I was actually thinking last night about how it would be a neat detail to have to keep the forest trimmed back from caste walls and roads

well it hasnt been confirmed, but i think its planned… but maybe i’m just going crazy…

Yes it is. Natural loop.

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Whereas I don’t think that’s been confirmed, I think that would be an awesome idea! Especially with your concept of having to keep the forest away from castle walls and what have you, very cool idea. And of course, same to you both @8BitCrab and @AtakanOzel for the idea!

Aside from that though, what do you guys think about the post’s main topic, including a Town Inventory “Used Space” number?


so if i understood the OP correctly, having the total amount of storage space left shown in the town inventory, correct?

if so, i think that could be helpful, i think there was already a thread suggesting that though… gimme a sec to search to see if a can find it to merge.

Can we build storage towers? Or storage areas only for ground?