[Dup] Town Inventory Number-Counter Thingy

Hey there!,

Just had a quick suggestion.

On crates and storage zones there’s a number with each crate/zone that represents the total capacity of that crate/zone followed by a number to show what amount of that capacity is being used.

I feel like I’m not making sense here, plus I don’t know how words work, so hopefully an example will help.

Let’s say you have a large crate, which I believe can hold up to 32 items. And let’s say in that crate you have 12 wooden logs. What I’m referring to is the “Used Space” number and in this case would be shown as 12 / 32.

So! Now that I’ve made this super easy, simple little thing extraordinarily complicated… I was thinking…

  • Would it be possible to have that same “Used Space” number in the “Town Inventory” screen to show your town’s total carrying capacity and how many items in all together you have?

With storage zones it’s easy to identify when you need more zones. But with the addition of crates, perhaps obviously, not so much.

Hopefully you folks like the idea!

Have a good one,

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