Staying on top of the state of the inventory?

While using stockpile zones, it is kind of easy to retain an overview of my resources, simply by looking at the stockpiles; This works especially well for stockpiles allowed only one of the basic resources like stone, wood and clay, as the visuals indicate both what is in there and how much. To a lesser degree it also works for furniture and weapons.

As I move to crates, I lose this visual feedback entirely.

How are my fellow players handling this? So far I haven’t found any real solution. Am I missing some feature?

The “Town Overview” button (the tiny castle/building on the far left of the main toolbar) has an inventory tab which lists everything you have and shows the quantity. There are other useful tabs too, although most of the information can be found with more detail in other places the button does what it says – it gives a quick overview of various key info :slight_smile:

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For crates and chests you can see their content in the ‘Content’ tab when you select them (next to the Filters tab), not sure if you’re referring to this or to what YetiChow said :thinking:

I feared as much. Both options are quite a step down in visual feedback compared to stockpiles.

Neither option allows easily getting an overview, of how much space is left for a certain resource and the town overview is a bit inconvenient to use; Is there some option to have the amount of, e.g. stone wood and clay permanently displayed on screen?

I will have to check, if there is some option to change the allowed items / view the contents for several chests at once, and to easily re-select the same group of chests. Last I tried, I had the impression that managing chests is chore-like, compared to managing a few large stockpile zones.

Kaboom: Town Monitor v1.1 MOD updated for A23
Sadly it is not updated for A24/Beta :glum:


This is something that, if it doesn’t make it into ACE, I will definitely revisit, as I consider it core to an RTS (which this game is, in part).


Someone has posted a pull request for an updated version, which works.

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