Info panel for resources

A few times now I have hit the inventory limit. Since then I’ve been managing my resources more actively, making log piles and stone piles and being a bit more carefull in apointing areas to be mined or gathered from. However, to see how much wood, stone, clay and food I had in stock I needed to search deep in the inventory screen or open the crafter’s screens to check this out. I think a small customizable panel which you can have open permanently on your screen would be a great help here. You could determine yourself if the panel shows and what it would show. For instance you can let it show wood and clay but you could also disable it showing the clay in stock if you are not using any for example. Another possibility is for it showing the complete amount of food in stock or for a specific food such as berries so that you can manage how often you want your hearthlings to gather those berries.