Common Resource GUI overlay

Hey there everyone. I was watching a timber and stone lets play and it got me thinking… With the addition of crates, it’s going to be a little harder to keep track of resources. I know the inventory screen can be used for this but for one you have to add together all the food types or wait for the daily update.

I suggest bringing back the resources bar on the side of the screen from a longggg time ago that use to keep track of resources.

However instead of tracking all resources like it did before, I’d suggest that it keep a tally on all your food you have and maybe the amount of wood and stone you have. Eventually maybe this could be expanded to allow you to choose one or two specific resources you’d like to track.

What does everyone think about this idea?


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Hmm that would be interesting. you could toggle it so you can see all, some or non of the resources and food. I dint mind having that side screen, but I do feel like many would think it would clog up screen space. But then that’s why a toggle would be good so you can hide it when you want and show it when you need it.

That is a great idea! Maybe have a little button on the side of the screen tht pops in/out the resorce tracker from the side of the screen?

In Alpha 11, the required food stat on the immigration sheet will also show up on the town overview. Hope that helps.

The town inventory’s “resources” list SHOULD show number of wood and stone, but I know there are a few bugs where the wood and stone that are on the floor and not in stockpiles won’t show up at the moment.

Haha yeah I know this. :smile: That should definitely help a little.

I’m kind of lazy and find that if I want to know instantly how much food there is in my town or see how quickly it is growing it’s too much menu hopping for me.