Resource Statistics

While I can not fully take credit for the original Idea Weaver workshop...available quantities I would like to expand this idea for everything in Stockpiles.

It would be nice to have a running tally window option for all the resources unused in the stockpiles. While you can visually find them when looking it would be nice to have a windowed screen of all resources you have ready to go. This to me would open up and make it useful down the road for when you have a huge village or lots of stuff going and see where your lacking rather then have your workers standing around on union break.


yes, the statistician in me agrees with this suggestion … I’m not entirely sure how my awareness that I have 79 pieces of juniper logs will help, but I want to know that detail nonetheless… :smile:


True, Seems like it might not be super important however, for people like me with Gaming OCD, I like to have all my stuff ready and available when its time to build something. It was my understanding that eventually when building things like houses or structures there was going to be a count on resources needed. If that being the case it would almost be like having a Full Inventory list with the possibility to know what you may or may not be able to build up front. In either case, will be interesting to see what they do. I also was thinking this could be something that ties into achievements later… Who knows…

I like this idea! The other day I wondered how many reels of thread I had, so having a windows that tallied everything would be helpful.

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