Make stockpile's ratio'd

I like the stockpiles and that they can be limited to selected items be it raw materials, food, weapons, etc. What I would like to see is an ability to also break this down to a ratio or max/goal number.

If I am making a stockpile for raw materials for my carpenter, I probably want the majority of it to be wood with a handful of other materials to be handy for receipts.

It would be nice that once you lay the stockpile and select what items you want stored that I could then state that I want this stockpile to be 90% wood and 5% cloth and 5% stone. This could be very useful to prevent a stockpile from getting overrun with a particular item you need but not in a large amount compared to another.

Couldn’t you just fit several independent stockpiles into a space that would be your complete stockpile, but with the wood stockpile being larger to represent higher percentage? I mean I guess I can see the issue of the weaver using a cloth enabled stockpile that’s closer to the weaver workshop than the carpenter’s but after enough products it shouldn’t really matter.


I’ve been doing what @hirokitkichiro has been doing, but having a built in ratio would be pretty nice. It wouldn’t be a top priority for me, but it would be pretty cool to have implemented in the game some time soon.