Stockpile`s content and overall statistic/information

Since first build for alpha 8 you need to get certain amount of food in order to get a new villager. I have quickly noticed that I dont really have a clue how much food do I exactly have. This made me think about making stockpiles content visible when you open given stockpile through Zones menu. It would be great if one could see what materials (and how many of them) are inside the choosen stockpile. Also, I`d love to see overall kingdom items statistics - this would comprise all summed items placed inside your stockpiles. Those features (especially second one) would help control and manage your growing city exceptionally.

I dont know if this idea had been presented before. If so, I am sorry for not noticing it. Also I`d like to apologise for my bad english grammar/sentence structure. Hopefully you could all understand me.

You can see your global inventory stocks by clicking on the blue banner in the centre of the GUI, and then selecting the inventory tab.


Oh gosh I didn`t know. :flushed: Still, first suggestion to make each stockpile’s content visibe is on :sweat_smile: