Counting resources



Is there anyway to count resources? I mean, at times before starting to build a large amount of something I would like to know for example how much wood I have in advance.

If there isn’t, can we please get it in future updates?


Hmm. Thinking on this, perhaps you could do this in two ways in the game - first, a count for each individual stockpile, and second a count for your whole settlement.

Definitely a good idea though.


I can’t imagine Team Radiant hasn’t thought of this. I’m sure it’ll be a similar panel to the Civilian Management screen. At least that makes sense to me.


Well there use to be the resource counter on the left side of the screen but that was removed quite awhile ago by my recollection. So a framework for that must be in the code somewhere.


indeed… surely something like this is already being considered when calculating your settlements net worth… right? :smiley: