Ore Golems [WIP]

I bought StoneHearth two weeks ago and started modding yesterday. I have plenty of mods i want to create but don’t have the ability power to do yet. For now… Ore Golems!

Inspired by the Clash of Clans Golem, I have created four brand new creatures for the game. The Ore Golems have
-High durability but low damage
-Spawn in the mountains (I’m trying to go for)
-Drop mining loot
-Drop ore (duh) depending on the type of Ore Golem that spawns. (E.G Gold Ore Golem drops Gold Ore)
-Ability to taunt your army and call for the aid of mini golems (Another thing im going for)

A simple mod that doesn’t dramatically change the game was what I wanted to start with, so here it is.

Update News - May 31st - The Models have been created, will be improved as much as it can. I expect that I will be completely finished by the end of June, I do have school ending and exams coming however. Help with animating could be essential. Thanks :smiley:


nice idea! can’t wait to try it out :smile:

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Looking good.

You seem to have chucked yourself in the deep end with a whole new monster :stuck_out_tongue:

i applaud you!!


4 legged? looks like the Crystalisk in Borderlands 2 if 3 legged . Nice! :+1:

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thanks :slight_smile: I was going more towards Clash of Clans Golem but I definitely see the resemblance.

IF that’s the kinda look you’re going for you might be able to use the Ogre model as a base, doesn’t seem like it’s too far off :smiley:

Seems like a smart and fast way to do it, but I’m gonna try to do this from scratch. If I have troubles with animating and all the other complicated coding, I will definitely consider that.

Update - June 1st - Today I played around with Stonehearth’s humans and monsters to try and learn a couple things. I also watched an entire animating series for Blender, so that’s good news for the release. Here are some photos of the touch ups I have made. Someone mentioned Borderlands so I added a black outline along the voxels :smiley:



If you do some comparing and contrasting, you will notice I added more ore on the golem, adjusted it’s legs to be more muscular, added more “fingers” and “toes”, and expanded the eye. I tried taking screenshots in-game, but alt + prt scn was not working so I just took workshop photos. The golem is about 2.5x taller than a hearthling, and maybe 4x wider. Thanks for all the support :smiley:

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even if the changes weren’t that big, i like the new version a lot better!

if you just hit PrtScn the game takes a screenshot, then navigate to this file path,

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth\screenshots

and any screenshots you’ve taken should be there :slight_smile:

thanks i will post the screenshots :blush:

In-Game Screenshots


Sorry, nothing new :c

Other then the fact that I have been trying to learn programs like Blender, there are no updates.

Over the past few days I’ve been with family and figuring stuff out. I am postponing any further updates for awhile (week or so) just to give my mind some space. Don’t worry I’m not giving up on the mod :slight_smile:

You can recolor the stone golems and throw them your mod code for ore drops for testing purposes (and enemy variation mod for a win+win) :relaxed: