Xenoroths Rise of the golems

the golems have started to march. so far i have seen armed forces.

Defender with great axe and assasin with dagger

magma smiths pet, base worker class, carpenter class

Anyhow me and a mate are making a golem revelution powered by magic and each class will look different as you can see the base worker (green) is a very basic golem where as the warrior has winged shoulders and a hat. so yeah and feedback and stuff would be awesome. also if you want i can just post individual pics of each modle and have one front pic and one back pic or something rather than the rotation.

p.s. don’t go to hard we only started using quibicle yesterday for me and today for my mate
p.p.s i know the golems are plain looking but they are ment to be they are golems.
p.p.p.s will try to have new modle updates atleast twice a week :smiley:

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Nice designs just a small point that the eyes are all raised from the faces but i believe the people already in the game they aren’t. I think they’d fit in better if they were more in-keeping via the eyes thing :slight_smile: otherwise nice!

i really like the assasing :smiley:

im no sure, but is that our first double-sided voxel ax? looking nice! :+1:

That cloak is really nice. I’ve been struggling to make one work for me, just because I can’t transfer from the 2D medium of spriting to the 3D realm of Quibicle easily…

Day 4

it has been four days since the first golems appeared in that time no new golems have appeared.

#Day 5
2 new golems appeared today.

Shield Basher golem

A dark red powered fully armor clad golem wielding 2 shields defended off a small party of goblins (4-5). his fighting style was unusual and one i have never seen before he seemed to block all their attacks and store the kenetic energy in his armor and when he attacked he either released part of the stored energy straight through his first or from his shield blasting the golbin and throwing them. Although it would be easy enough to fight against him so long as the strikes you threw were true to their mark and he was unable to store any energy up.

Sun Fury golem

She second golem is the first ranged attack golem we have seen so far he also participated in the skirmish with the goblins although stopped firing once they had engaged his red armor clad friend. It appears he stores up the suns energys in his armor and releases it from the wierd gloves he is wearing and from the orbs floating above his shoulders. I am most certain the shots were conscentrated sun beams as bad shots left scorch marks on the ground and the goblins he hit screamed in pain as if they were being burned. I am currently unsure as to how to defend against this golem type although to kill just one goblin it took atleast 3 shots of his ray blasts and his shots were not as accurate as even a beginner archer in our armies.

#End of day 5

Sorry for the super long thread and walls of text just felt like adding some story behind the advance of the golems. Also changed the eyes so they are flat against the face and have started doing some weathering on all the modles now. I know the helmet for the shield basher looks funny but i didn’t know what else to do :S. Also once again criticise to your hearts content and i forgot to say a thank you to @Froggy for his stonehearth album giving me something to view and look at to help me do the hood for the assasin and the helmet for the shield basher. Also if anyone wants to put in a request as to what i make next e.g. buildings, workshop stuff, more classes feel free to.

p.s. Sorry if the golems aren’t turning around i dunno what is going on il try again tomorrow see if its fixed. unless the problem is on my end then hey all good :smiley: