Golems and expanding on the geomancer

As I poke around the Stonehearth community, I find a lot of talk about golems and because I find this idea very intriguing I felt it may be beneficial to share my thoughts.
I feel that it would be very interesting to have a class in some way involved or devoted into golemancy. This class would use magic to animate an object made by other master craftsmen like a stone golem from the mason a clay golem from the potter a metal golem from the engineer or blacksmith or maybe even a wood golem. Each golem could be crafted alone or by the guidance of the golemancer, then the husk could be animated and controlled by the golemancer, Along with this each golem would have its own unique purpose Like the Clay golem being used only for hauling and the stone golem being used only for fighting. I know that this type of thing could be easily be implemented to the geomancer class, but I feel that this approach would add interesting complexity and new opportunities for more magic based classes.

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I would rather see this implemented in the geomancer class. We should avoid having TO many TO specialized jobs, because it can get confusing very fast.

But I like the idea of different golem types. How about this:

Like you have mentioned, there are different golem types which need to be crafted from different classes. But instead of building a golem (which would probably be above what a potter can do), how about the jobs can create a golem heart? It’s a big amount of specially treated material, which the geomancer can use to summon a golem. So a wooden heart from the carpenter, a clay heart from the potter, a stone heart from the mason and a steel heart from the blacksmith. The hearts can only be crafted by a lvl 6 crafter and can only be equipped by the geomancer once h e has reached lvl 3 (or 6?). And the golems have, like you said, different effects.


The devs have talked about having tasks that would require multiple hearthlings to complete. If that was implemented (and if not this is a reason to!!!) the geomancer and the respective craftier could work together to create a usable golem with the respective qualifications. Along with that the geomancer may not have experience with materials other than rock and dirt so they would need assistance and guidance from master crafters to achieve the proper refinement needed to create golems. Having the traits be relative to the material of the golem adds a a reason for the need for other crafters but implementing the hearts could add reasons for why a stone golem could do one task while a metal golem could not.


Just so you know, the geomancer is going to be in game . Also they will be able to raise a Golem, as a worker or footman.

that could require a special talisman, made by the fitting class. Like a master carpenter got the knowledge to the create carpenters heart for the golem, like programming for the golem, which needs proper knowledge about the subjecct in the first place.

what about elementals? perhaps ones made from a summoner, like quick use fighting that dies fast but hits hard

Just my thoughts on something simular a while back.