Looking into the Geomancer

I would just like to see if anyone knows any information about the Geomancers and their abilities.

If not, I would love to know what people think the Geomancers should be like or what they think they will be like.

I think I am most excited with this class. I can just imagine putting hours of gameplay into SH and either unlocking or gaining experience as a player with the Geo class. I can imagine a pair of Geomancers hovering by a stockpile with enough materials to build a smaller house, issuing an order, and watching them go to work. Perhaps with a special ability Geomancers could telekinetic-ally lift one or multiple blocks, and stack them in the air above the Geos heads, or maybe even have multiple blocks floating around the Geos themselves. Once they are in position, they start gently lifting and placing blocks where they need to go, and even placing them where you would think they are out of reach. Maybe they are excellent at forming symmetrical and good looking entrances to mines, tunnels, bridges, or even dams, all the while making it look easy.

going only by the pic of the Geo-M i had guessed it be like a earth bender from avatar.I would love to see the Geo-M tera-forming wastelands or shaping rivers

I like them for a combat support role, either to create sink holes under enemy units and walls or to build a giant earth ramp up an enemy wall. They could always hurl giant blocks of earth at enemies too like in the picture.

I wonder if they could be used for building deployment as well? Throwing down dirt and rock shelters, and walls could be a nice strategic addition.

I like all the ideas here…I just think they have a lot of potential, much like the game in general. xD

That would mean the geomancer would be a later game siege unit if you wanted to think about it like that.

The Geomancer is used to clear large amounts of land in short periods of time. Leading us to believe clearing land takes awhile otherwise. They are nonlethal units but in combat can be used for pinning and trapping units. That’s all we know so far, though we may be able to create instant pit-falls if need be.

They also, by the kickstarter description, can create golems:

She put green lights in their empty eyesockets–a fanciful touch, but she felt it gave them character. Now, she checked each rune for dust, noted every crack for the touchups she’d handle tomorrow. Powered them off, one by one. Slowly, lights dimmed to black. “Good job, guys! Finished the whole square in just two days!” She dusted her hands, patted each fondly on the head, and shut the warehouse door.