Assign farmers to fields

It would be nice to assign farmers to specific fields. That way if you have a large amount of farmers, they consistently work all the fields, instead of moving like a mob over one field at a time.

It would also be nice if we could change the priority level of tasks.


Hi. The developers have mentioned a time or two that they have a project in progress for a Task Manager for the game. With it you’d be able to do all that stuff and a lot more. Unfortunately, that and a few other things are on hold while they improve the stability and performance of the game.


But we can make task manager script addon, and work from it, also it’s real like a mod, but need to much UI creating, that take 2 much time, also thanks for help, i finished building fixes at half, great.

This suggestion needs to be unearthed and reconsidered. :smiley:

Just downloaded this game. This was one of the things that I wanted to suggest but it was already talked about. Unless you added it and I just havent figured out how to do it yet.


Hey there @ispaceout, welcome to the Discourse! This has not been implemented as of the latest build, but the more people who express interest, the better chance you have of this being added. :smile:


Thanks. I saw this game on steam and thought it looked good. I after playing it i have high hopes for this game and really want it to get developed.

Glad you are enjoying it so far. The game is very much in active development, and while the devs are taking a (well deserved) holiday vacation, you will frequently see them here on the forums, as well as in their weekly blog post “Desktop Tuesday” ( They also stream 3 times a week, so you can see them design models, animations, UI, code, etc. Currently they stream at 6:00 pm Tuesday and Thursday, and 8:30 am Wednesday (Pacific Time) on Twitch, and you can watch past streams from the last month or so any time.

Hi there, I’m new to Stonehearth but through playing I’ve felt that the game could be improved hugely by an “assignment” tool.

An assignment tool simple assigns property to your villagers and could be used in such a way for example to assign a bed to a specific villager. That way, only that villager will sleep in that bed. The tool would be optional for fine-tuning of your villagers to manipulate their behaviour :stuck_out_tongue:

Another feature would be to assign a farming plot to one villager. When I was making farms I tried to build them around small farmhouses, each owned by one of my villagers but I noticed that they just work on everyone’s farm, which is nice but not what I want. It could also assign a specific craft bench to one villager I guess so that you can make large carpenter buildings where everyone has their own spot.

I’m not sure about assigning entire buildings as I believe that would be a very blunt tool and assigning furniture, plots, workbenches etc would be a better way to add an assignment option. Assigning buildings could be explored though if players want to create a king or something and assign him a castle.

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This has been suggested a million times in the past, and the devs have expressed that it is coming eventually. :slight_smile:

Hey there @NathanBrown and @Sickjin, welcome to the discourse! I’m on the phone at the moment, so I can’t merge this thread, but assignment did exist previously and was removed as it was too buggy. It is planned to return at a later time.

@moderators, can someone merge this?

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I’ve also found that even though I have 25 farmers in my game, they still don’t farm all of my fields. They just move as a pack and waste time. I hope that this can be fixed so that my ridiculous number of farmers won’t go to waste.


I came here to suggest exactly this idea.

I see that a lot of people are unhappy with farmers moving like mobs. I currently have 4 farmers and I’ve un-checked the “Haul” or “Carry” (can’t remember right now) box in their task manager.

The thing I worry about with big towns is that I feel like I would have to keep all the fields together to make sure my farmob works them. An additional problem to that would be that workers far away would have to spend too much time walking to get fed.

If I could have a few fields spread out around the map with their own farmers assigned to them (and to a bed and a storage box nearby) I think it would resolve the issue.

Granted, I’ve ran into story-progression bugs regularly since I’ve started playing the game so my city never got bigger than 25 members at the moment, but I dream of a megalopolis!