Farming priority and quota

Can dev team make it so that farmer hearthlings can be ordered to harvest plants as ordered? It’s always annoying when there’s only so many farmers and they keep harvesting other crops when certain crops are needed for barter to gain access to new crops from the faraway merchants. Similar to how carpenters work with setting their build orders, make it so a single farmer have their own harvesting order (maybe even better when farmers can be set to only harvest certain crops so they don’t overwork on other crops). This will be useful especially when the farm plot is all close together. Thanks if being read. Hope for next game update.


hey there @AlphaRW, welcome to the discourse :smile:

i definitely agree that some sort of farm priority system would be nice, especially when you have farm plots for every type of crop.

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I like the idea of having a queue option for my farmers, especially after I couldn’t finish two quests for new seeds, because my farmers would focus on the wrong crops.

Although I’m not sure about two things;

  • How did you think should the new UI work? Simply a ‘workshop’-Interface clone could be quite a problem since the cook seems to be farming, too.
  • Would you rather have a queue for crops or for farming slots? Both seem to have some pros and cons…

I was thinking more on a simpler ui. Maybe a “harvest this crop now button” on the plot field. That way it forces all farmers to harvest that specific plot we ordered to, that way we won’t need an interface like the cook, but another dilemma would be when having the crop field faraway from another. I was also thinking maybe have an option where we can make specific farmer to handle specific plot, like how we give beds to hearthling to sleep on, we tell farmers to farm only on that specific plot.


I actually like this idea and it solves my previously mentioned problems :smiley:
Could be well intergrated in the already existing plot UI (in which you choose the kind of crop)

A button for owners could maybe solve this, yes, but I was also thinking about something like a prioritze-button so your farmers will choose one plot other others. Just like they already do, but the player controlls, which :grin:


I was thinking about stuff like this last time I played, but with workers more than farmers. Basically instead of building one giant city, we could build communities that work with each other and have the citizens prioritize work in their zone first. Currently I have 36 hearthians and they spend so much time just wondering from one place to another because the town is so widespread, and I don’t have but around 1/4 of the map used if even that. Then when it’s food time they all take the super long run back to the same place. I thought about setting up multiple kitchens but then you have the food in 1 place, so the 2nd cook would have a long haul.

Reminds me of [quote=“Teleros, post:1, topic:7972”]
5. New Zone: Ownership ZonesWhen you drag this down, you have five options: Unclaimed, Pick Hearthling, and Public Use, Barracks, and Great Hall. The first means that the first hearthling to claim the zone will own it, with the game AI determining who that ends up being. The second means you must select a hearthling from a drop-down menu (must show professions!) to own the zone and everything inside it - beds & chairs can only be used by the owner, etc. Add a check-box to permit the chosen hearthling’s family to use the zone too, if that’s ever a thing in the game. The Public Use option means that everything in the zone remains unclaimed, including things like beds etc - it’s always a “first come first served” area. The Barracks will be reserved exclusively for military hearthlings, who can claim beds etc in it, and the Great Hall becomes the preferred meeting & partying place for all your hearthlings. These options should also be given to buildings, but that’s for another topic :smile: .

Taken from this post from 2014. I like several of the ideas in it.

Also on a side note, just because a hearthling owns a bed, doesn’t mean he won’t use another. I have all my military personnel a bed near the entrance to my town, they still run all the way across town to an unclaimed bed.

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