Cook going farming

So i recently promoted one of my farmers to a cook. The cok made the stone cauldron and i queued up some food. A couple of days in-game passed and i noticed the food wasnt created. Then i looked in the Citizens tab and saw that al the cook was doing was farming. Its great that a cook can still do the tings a farmer does so you dont just lose a farmer, but i would love if his actuall job took the first place. Anybody know a fix for this or is this someting i just have to deal with?

Well we don’t know what your situation is really like. Maybe you are out of ingredients. Maybe you set it to make 10 instead of maintain 10 in inventory. Maybe you do not have the appropriate table placed. Information here is at an all time minimal.


I have the correct crafting station placed down and i queued up 30 of the Tasty Vegetable Stew and i have none of it ijn my inventory and i have enough vegetables.

You probably arent paying him enough to slave over a hot stove.

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Could you upload your save game?

I cant upload yet i only just made an account

You can use a share hoster or dropbox etc.

if you want your cook to constantly craft food, tell him to "maintain " a certain amount of coocked food in your inventory, instead of manually telling him to “craft a certain amount”

that way he/she will always return to their main duties… BUT will help out at your farms if your inventories have the “required” amount of coocked food

I told the cook to maintain 30 Tasty Vegetable Stew

You don’t have space in your town, didn’t you read the bulletin talking about it?

You don’t need all those farms.

Is that really the reason?

Yes, they need space to store the items they want to make. If there isn’t space, they will not make anything new.

What is the best way to fix this?

What I did in your town was simple sell everything, and destroy things in the ground, plus removed all the farms not needed.
To destroy things, open the harvest menu, there click on the “trash can” icon, click and drag in to destroy items in the ground.

ok will do next time is start the game up

Don’t need to, since they do not harvest new items but crafting works fine.
@Stapyman your cook’s queue is broken, just delete all queued items and add new ones.

But Bruno is right with all the items and farms, half of your crops are rotting on the fields.
Sometimes too much is way too much :smiley:

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inventory limit?

Okay I know I’m late but it may help others.
I had the same problem you described and I decided to move my tools outside the building. As the Cauldron and the Mill Grinder was moved my cooks began using The Furnace and then I noticed it: the furnaces front was blocked by the Cauldron. So watch the behavior of your people and from which site they access the tools and place them right. Hope I could help!