Cooks not doing their job

Why do cooks harvest field? I have 3 cooks in a 50 person village, and all of them arent preparing food, and thats making the whole town eat bland food, while they are not happy, PLS FIX

Do you have craft orders for them for which you already have the ingredients and accessible relevant cooking stations? Do you have storage space for the cooked food?

Farm harvesting does stonehearth:work at priorities between 0.48 and 0.56; crafting does stonehearth:work at priority 0.81, so it should always happen before harvesting if they’re capable of doing so (as it will always have a higher priority), unless I’m misunderstanding the AI task groups.

Yes!! i have a big communal kitchen where the entire city eats in and the cooks live, i have lots of engredients and i always check from time to time if the cooks have enough to prepare the food i commanded, and for storage there are baskets with prepared food next to the tables where everyone eats, and the cooks have enough cauldrons, grinders, etc… to cook

Are you using any mods that might affect cooking or harvesting? Can you share the save file?

game is completely vanilla, but i just closed the harvesting fields putting a locked door so the cook cant get in, so problem half done, but a better solution would be that the cooks DONT HARVEST FIELDS OMG

And do the cooks suddenly cook now that they can’t harvest, or do they idle or perform other tasks? They should only be harvesting fields if they find themselves unable to cook (since it’s a lower priority task), which might be (with 50 hearthlings) due to not being able to complete a cooking thought during an AI cycle. Have you experienced this problem with a smaller town?

Yes, they are cooking, btw my game just crashed and lost all the progress, and ive been playing fro 3 hours fml lmao, and yes, i have another village with 30 people and just one cook and im experiecing the same problem, but ill lock the harvesting fields and ill manage how to do all of the restocking and that stuff, if you want i can tell how i managed to do it

Sorry about the crash… A tip though, autosave is damn near mandatory on this game :’)

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