Amnaa's Bonsai Garden


My dad used to grow bonsai and thus we have a lot of books at home :merry: I never had enough patience to grow them myself (though I tried :jubilant:) but I used to flip through the pages often when I was a kid. So…

Click the images to see a clearer version of the rotating model!

Note: I repeatedly go through the models and rework them. It takes quite some time to make the rotation gif for them though, so those won’t update immediately.



That’s so cute :merry:






why??? whyyy??? they look awesome :flushed::star_struck:
i think i should keep from your post untill i see “available at steam workshop” or “download/smod”
because i can’t wait to use your mods (this is not healty) xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD


You already know… :male_detective:


Damn, I love these! Will they be an addition to Gardens of Hearth or a separate mod? :slight_smile:


Still haven’t decided on that… I want to try building a new mechanic for them, so we’ll see :merry:





These bonsai are gorgeous! I’ve been a (silent) fan of your other plants from Gardens of Hearth, but IMO these bonsai really take it to the next level. You cram a lot of meaning and feeling into very simple designs, and there’s a beautiful sense of balance/harmony which just makes these pleasing to look at from all angles.

Some of your other plants clearly work better as “features” and might be too busy in mass use, but I can imagine that a whole room of these bonsai would look amazing and be packed with tiny features to discover. I will quite gladly be using both sets of plants once they’re available, but I feel like I’ll use the bonsai more simply because they have a subtle beauty which blends perfectly into Stonehearth’s more inviting aesthetic. The bold colours of some of your other plants make for great features, but these bonsai truly seem to belong in the world of Hearth on some intrinsic level – you’ve just done that good of a job that, IMO, now that I’ve seen these I can’t imagine Stonehearth without them!


Oh my, thank’s a lot!! I myself see how better and better I’m getting. Having the exact blend of intrigue details and clean simplicity, which is typical for Stonehearth, has been my concern/focus the whole time! I see how hard it is to achieve, when I’m flipping through the plant gallery, most of them stand out as good models, but don’t fit the mood and design of the game. I’m glad I finally got close enough and it makes me so happy seeing how people feel the same about it :merry:


you should have your own trading merchant selling plants
i would really like to see
“Amnaa has arriver with tons of beautifull plants for sale”