Spofeos fern fantastic thread... free ferns for everyone, come and grab yours today!

EDIT: 7.5.2017
After a long thread and modeling quite a few items @chabonit and @Froggy have helped with the coding and therefor you can now all get the models into your game! Thank you guys :merry:
Read or look through the complete thread for pictures and such.
EDIT: 11.5.2017
For the downloadlink, look at the newest post in thread, since it gets updated alot at the moment…
EDIT: 20.5.2017
The mod have now got its own thread with help from @Chabonit so follow this link for the newest update:

Original post starts here:
So i have tried to go into this coding. I have tried following instructions from youtube. I even tried just to replace stuff from other mods… Nothing works and am throwing the towel in the ring now…

So, i have this idea with ferns. Just like the brightbells i want them to spawn around the map and be harvestable and moveable. But i then want to have the herbalist use the harvested ferns to make placeable decorative ferns, so i can place them on my buildings…

Thats the basic idea, and if i just could get the code that does this, i can create other plants aswell.
I have made the models of the fern here:

fern_ iconic.qb (4.0 KB)

fern.qb (105.5 KB)

fern_plant_harvested.qb (105.5 KB)

So i wonder if anyone can help out with this? Thanks for reading :jubilant:

Edit: If anyone want to use the fernmodel, feel free to do it. I want to focus on modeling and there are so many of you that are better than me at this coding :smiley:


You should use what’s inside stonehearth\data\biome\temperate.json as a guide to spawning them.

Then use what’s in stonehearth\entities\resources\herb\brightbell\brightbell.json as a guide for how to make them harvestable and all that.

Then take your pick of any of the many placeable decorative items as a guide for how to make it placeable.

Many times, the answer can be found in what’s already there. It can just be hard knowing where to look.

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Thanks, yes i have been looking through those places and tried a couple of things… i guess my problems i that i down to the basics dont understand how the code works… i can replace names and such, but i dont know why that works hehe :smiley: maybe i should just keep at it and hopefully i will learn more as i go…

Well, sometimes it just takes awhile to realize what things do.

If you’d like, you can post what you’ve got here (or PM me) and I can look at it and explain what you’re doing wrong.

Also, I meant to say temperate_generation_data.json

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I did exactly the same as what thelegorebel suggested - it’s not difficult… but I do understand that sometimes its easier if someone sets you up and gives you a base to work from.

Haven’t tested it. but this should spawn the item in the game during world generation, allow you to move and harvest it. It should be classed as a herb, which means herbalists can use it in potions etc.


THANK YOU @Froggy ! :jubilant: I hope i then can see what i need to do in the future…

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No problem, take a look at what I did, and try and figure it out.

There are plenty of people here on the forums who will help you out, but as pointed out by thelegorebel its a lot easier and quicker for us if you take a stab at it yourself and submit it to the forums if you are having an issue.

We can then take a look at it and tell you where you are going wrong :slight_smile:

Nice model btw… I’d reduce the scale a little though :slight_smile:

As a recap, the rough steps I took were:

Copied the Brightbell folder from the stonehearth entities/plants folder.
Renamed it to fern_plant.
Copied in your qb files
opened all the json files and used Ctrl-H to replace all ‘brightbell’ entries with 'fern’
Created a manifest and entered the file location of the fern plant
Created a mixin to temperate_generation_data.json so that the fern would be added during world generation.
Added a locales file to give the item a name.

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I understand what you did to some sort… And i can see that you made that path to the world generation. But i must admit i am still blind on how you did it :frowning:
Well i have been sitting with this almost all day, so maybe i just need some rest and then return with a fresh mind.

Thanks for the words on the model and yes it helps alot when i finally can see it ingame! i noticed i need to adjust the colors aswell a bit :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help so far.

The way that the mixin works is that, since you’ve specified it’s a mixin in the manifest, it takes what’s in your code, and looks to see where it fits in in the normal, stonehearth code at the same spot. Then it “puts” it in there.

Used to be, you’d have to override the whole file, which would cause issues when the game got updated. The mixin makes it much easier.


ahh that makes sense then. I have watching videos from 2014 or so and maybe even earlier where you just had to replace the code.
We got alot of streamers of the gameplay, but not many that shows stuff about modding the game. I watched some old videos from pixel pirate.

Ahhh so comfy, but i must admit that with this system i can produce ferns in tons with no effort haha.


I have been thinking alot about my fern… :smiley: Maybe if it was a purely decorative item made by the herbalist? the idea is that the recipe should consist of 2 energy potions and a basket of berries. Would this be possible to do?

And if it is, would it be possible to make some kind of template code for implementing more craftable items in the future?
As i stated earlier, i am so confused when i look at the code and i am sure others could feel the same way?

What if people just needed to create the qb files for an item and then someone of you brilliant coders had written a template code where the person just had to replce/fill in the name, workbench and ingridients?

Are there any coders out there that can make something like that?

What I’d love to see, ideally, would be that the ferns work exactly like the flowers – the wild ones can be harvested, moved and so on; but the farmers can also learn to grow them as crops.

Then, you can have a recipe similar to the flower boxes, where a certain amount of harvested ferns + some wood for a planter creates a fern planter box. It could be the same fern model, but I reckon they’d also look amazing in a window box for more forest-y buildings.

I absolutely love your fern model and will be following this mod closely; both because I want to use the ferns in future games and because I’m keen to learn more about Stonehearth’s modding systems. :merry:


Yes i agree with you on this. But without the coding skills myself, i cant make it come true and it will take someone with these skills and the same passion for ferns as mine to do it haha :jubilant:

Oh and yes, my current problem is that the ferns with froggys handywork only gets generated together with the world, so i cant use them in my current town of Sheepdog, where i really dreamed of incorperating them into :slight_smile:

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You could use the item stamper tool in the debug tools.

Yes you could have the fern by created by the herbalist with 2 energy pots and a basket of berries.

I have previously added a new crop to the farmer, but it was awhile back and might be outdated, haven’t gotten to checking it yet.


It seems like i have the debugtool mod installed, but i cant see it ingame haha, any hints on how i get it to work? Its frustrating to feel so helpless! Ferns in real life is so much easier :jubilant:

In the start menu (before loading any world) go into the settings, and to the mods tab, activate it there. (you can’t do this with a world running)


thanks Bruno :slight_smile:

I now got ferns in Sheepdog! Thank you for the idea with the stampertool @thelegorebel :jubilant:

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Some Questions

Do I have to water said Ferns?

What do they need in terms of fertilizer?

Will my pet Cthulhu like these?

and all jokes aside, simple mods like this can make a small world fresh and new, keep it up!