Spofeos fern fantastic thread... free ferns for everyone, come and grab yours today!


hahaha :jubilant:

1: Yes if you can get the water to work with you and not against you.
2: If you tell your shepherds to scoop poyo poop im sure the ferns will go crazy!
3: Yes i am sure of it!

Yea its insane what one single plant addition to the game can do. I hope that we get many more plants in the future and i will do my best to donate what i find :wink:


So once again i made a model… i feel like the carpenterworkshop could use some more dedicated decorations, so here is a dresser with a saw.
I will try and make more models, before chasing down a modder to help me get them into the game :jubilant:
But as with everything else i share, if you can use it, just do it!

Dresser_with_saw.qb (17.6 KB)


@Fornjotr Thank you sooo much for the fantastic fern!!! I have 4 Ostrich Ferns in my yard and am patiently waiting for them snap out of their winter nap. Love to see how helpful the community is here and this thread has been the perfect example.


Made a couple more items for the carpenters shop today:

crate with comfy chair parts.qb (66.7 KB)
Toolboard carpenter.qb (11.8 KB)
carpenter cabinet A.qb (35.2 KB)
carpenter cabinet B.qb (35.2 KB)


Yes! That toolboard is everything. Thank you for sharing!! :jubilant:

Ummm…just a quick question, where do we put .qb files? Is it like a json file we just drop in our mods folder?


It’s only a model; there’s no code for these (yet, I hope? :stuck_out_tongue:)


Oh…lol. Well still very generous of Spofeo to share! :merry:

Haha, I’m tragically ignorant about all this file type stuff and my coding experience is limited to 1 year of computer math in high school…learning Basic lol.


Yes as stated a few responses up, its only models at this point, but hopefully they can be made into a mod at some point, when i figure out the trick… if i ever will haha :jubilant:


Doh, I got distracted by the model and was still all :jubilant: from your post above that one lol


These carpenter’s shop decorations are brilliant!

An easy way to get them into the game would be to make them “reskins” of crates – literally just copy/paste the code section of a crate, rename it to something appropriate, and switch the model out. Once you’ve got that working, then look into changing the icon, description, etc. etc. and soon you’ll be able to whip up fully-fledged mods in no time!

I’m sure you’ve got a lot of people excited with those models, so please do keep asking questions and get help from experienced modders. The game as a whole will benefit! :merry:


Thank you @YetiChow, i might try and go about it like you suggested. What i and maybe others aswell could use, is a video tutoturial on how to make a new item in the game. recipe and all. I have watched some of the old ones where you just replace or copy an ingame item… But now we need to add a manifest with code and such to put anything into the game. :

I just need to have a way of learning how to do it, but ill just keep making models until i do :jubilant:


Ok so you got my determination going Yeti… :merry:
I have been looking at some of the other mods and took an example from the settlementdecor mod.

I have tried to replicate what i found in that, but i am missing something. Would someone with the right knowledge please take a look at it and maybe educate me on the subject? Thank you :merry:

Updated progress:
workshop_atmosphere.zip (54.2 KB)


Was just checking your manifest.json, I have no clue what any of this means but this may be an issue:

“default_locale”: “en”,
“aliases”: {
“wooden_hero_statue”: “file(entities/furniture/dresser_with_saw)”

You’re still referencing a wooden_hero_statue, no clue if that’s a problem…


thank you Logo, that will sure be a problem. :merry:

There still seems to be some issues, so if anyone else can find something i would be gratefull.


Staring at all this stuff has my head swimming lol. I need to find some coding tutorials on Youtube so I can at least understand what the heck I’m looking at. Replacing stuff is all well and good, but knowing what the purpose of everything is would help a lot more. OH! Another thing I noticed was a locales folder (with an en.json inside) in settlementdecor, but couldn’t find one in in your zip. Not sure if that’s a big deal either.


aha, yes looking at it, it seems to have some kind of important effect :jubilant:
It would be much easier if it only was one single item, but now i have to dig through a whole mod with new classes and world generated plant and such… difficult to completely know what belongs to where… but hopefully ill get there!

EDIT: ok so i tried to make those changes and updated the zip in the reply above. It still dont work but a bit closer to success i hope :slight_smile:

What do the version number in the manifest do?


I’m not entirely sure myself :confused:?
But, looking around the forums made me think it is the current version of the manifest itself which at the moment is 3… Again, I’m not sure :sweat:.


It’s the modding API version, and the current version is 3.


The locales folder is for translation – it tells the game how to translate the mod’s written contents (such as names and tooltips) into various languages. How it works is that each .json in that folder contains a copy of the mod’s written text in each language that a translation exists for, so you’d have, say, fr.json for a French translation or something like that.

You need to at least have one language AFAIK, you only need files for other locales (i.e. localisations) if you’re supporting those languages. Of course you can talk to some of the awesome community translators if you want to have a crack at that; but it’s not essential to get your mod working – just use the existing mod as an example again.

The biggest thing to be aware of is to make sure all your “references” match up. Ctrl+F is your friend here; since it helps you track down anything you’re looking for. When I mod other games I like to use it to check through all the new stuff I’ve added, it’s a little more “targeted” than scrolling through the entire page hahah. You can even use the find-and-replace tool to speed things up further.


it lives…IT LIIIIVES! :jubilant:

Its not perfect yet, but its in the game! yay! Thank you all for the tips and tricks so far. I ended up looking at @BrunoSupremo s minecart and rails mod. It works in my game, and only have a few items created by a crafter, so it was much easier for me to see what i needed to do.

Ill keep working on this and hopefully ill have a mod ready for you all soon :merry: