'Uproot' option for wild re-harvestable plants

I was just asked by a viewer why in my recent videos I was not moving Silkweed and the various flowers the same way I was moving the berry bushes. And my answer (I’m lazy) got me thinking about why it is that I wasn’t doing that.

The big difference is that because these other wild plants are scattered, it gets more complicated trying to move them all into an impromptu field or some other situation because your only commands for them are moving them or harvesting them.

What would help with that? Treat them like furniture. Allow an ‘uproot’ option that moves them into storage inventory, and then allows you to replant them like you do saplings. Instead of constantly moving back and forth between two points trying to get the plants into a more convenient location, you can just go around and tag each with the move to storage command, then switch to setting them where you want.

If there needs to be a bottleneck added, I’d say give the Carpenter and Potter access to a pair of Flowerpot recipes, and code it so Hearthlings need to get a Flowerpot from storage. You could also put a short spoilage timer on them, or limit the task to Herbalists. But I don’t think that this really needs that much throttling.

Anyways- wholly personal opinion, may not be worth doing, but when I tried to figure out why bouncing around the map with the Harvest tool over and over didn’t bother me as much as moving Silkweed did, that’s what I came up with. Use as you see fit.


The thing is it takes more effort doing it your suggested way; You would have to go and find all the plants, uproot them, and then place them later when you can already just move them; Dont forget you can pause your game’s speed and do things while it’s paused.

This is how i handled the silkweed and the pink flowers; I paused the game then went and pre-commanded the movement of the flowers and then I hit x3 speed. All the flowers/silkweed were moved to a specific location so I can just use Harvest on them as they grow in a boxed area

Yes and no; it doesn’t eliminate the steps, but it eliminates a lot of mouse movement/scrolling.

If I want to move Silkweed, particularly a lot of it, I’m scrolling back and forth from each plant to the location where I want them placed. Whereas with what I’m saying, I go to an area, click each one to highlight, then click/hotkey to queue an order to move it to storage. Then at a later point, I can go into the place item function and locate each in sequence.

Ideally there’d be a sort of ‘mass uproot/unplace’ function that would work like the Harvest, Loot, and Mining functions: a big click-drag-release area. But I don’t know that implementing a whole new function is really justified for this particular usage. Perhaps it is, but other than moving wild plants, I’ve found shifting placed items to inventory tends to be a much more specific task such as moving workbenches into buildings or slowly replacing mean beds with comfy beds.


I agree with this, Being able to just “Store” these plants (Or sell em) would be really nice, It’s a REAL pain to move 20-30 plants across the map ONE at a time.


Indeed a great suggestion. The first thing I do in every game I start is to place like 10 silk weeds, 10 flowers and 10 bushes close to my base. THis means I have to click 30 wild plants, randomly scattered around the map, click on replacing, then scroll to my base and place it. And I have to repeat this 30 times.

Why not make it like this: When you click the bushes, it gives you 2 options.

  1. Like now, you can just press replace the bushes
  2. You get the uproot button. But it wont just uproot the plant. It commands the hearthlings to uproot it and automatically place it in the storage.

The second option is much better if you want to move many plants at once. Your hearthlings will do most of the stuff automatically and you can place the plants like furniture whenever you want. And since the current option is also available, players are not missing anything. :slight_smile:

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I like the way it is because I use the plants to clear the fog off the map.

I don’t think this would change that at all, since Hearthlings would still be walking to the plants to gather them and then returning to stockpiles and/or chests before replanting them. And you’d still have the ability to use the Harvest tool to gather from them where they sit. It’d just make moving wild plants identical to moving placed objects.

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I don’t take the plants back to my town. I take the plants to areas in the fog and drop them there.

I imagine plants would keep the move option along with an undeploy option like every single piece of furniture.

I have a question.

Once something is placed in a stock pile, does that count for our limit of items on the map after we move it out of the stockpile?

While I’ll respect that, I doubt that many people actually do this. Most people want to have the plants close to their base and having to place them one by one is really annoying. I would welcome an option (additional to the current replace option) that lets them uproot the plants and automatically bring them to the storage. :slight_smile: