Maybe a silly question but

Can I get rid of natural spawned plants? I have a few silkweed plants that are in the way of me placing fences. Can I get rid of them with the most current version of the game? I just bought the game yesterday so I’m still learning. Thanks for the help.

Yes, if you use the harvest function (same as cutting down trees/gathering berries) the settlers will remove them, and silkweeds will be turned into resources, and flowers are turned into potted plants

Flowers can be removed. But silkweed and berries cannot be removed or moved at this time, only harvested.

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Well once you finish with all the bugs that would be a nice feature, even though it is something small :slight_smile: Thanks for the reply.


You could always bury them. Might not work, as I’ve never had a problem with plants getting in the way, but if you dig underneath them then place a floor above the hole, it could get rid of them.

This thread was from October 2014, We now have a clear feature that allows you to remove anything (including berry bushes and silk-weed)

Burying them seems like a lot of work unless you wanted to save them but build over them :wink:

Ah, sorry, haven’t used discourse at all before and the times and such are all faded out. ._.

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Don’t be sorry, I was just pointing out that it was posted a good while ago and so much has changed in game play :wink: