Area uproot command

We definitely need a command to easily remove and move plants such as wild silkweed in masses without having to click them one-by-one.

I suggest a new area command called “Uproot” which removes all harvestable plants in an area and moves them to the storage, from where we can manually plant them to the desired location.

While this problem may have been talked about in the past, searching the forums did not result in anything remotely close to this.


:smirk: clicked on this thinking you had an idea to leave tree stumps behind and then remove them, disappointed :unamused:


What can I say, disappointing people is one of my greatest talents. :upside_down:

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awh :cry:

is it really that hard to just drag teh select box to do more plants at once, or do you mean like a tool that ignores everything but the thing you want to harvest? I’d like that

It’s not about harvesting, it’s about uprooting and moving the plants to a different location without having to select every single plant and moving them one-by-one.

I like it. Would be nice if we could use this same command for other things too, like furniture and workshops.

It’s like a massive undeploy tool, right? I like the idea.

The problem is that plants don’t have an iconic version, but the resources that they produce have it.
I hope it’s doable =(

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oh I get what you meant now, yeah I agree, that’d be nice :slight_smile: