Moving items bug

every now that then when I was moving items. ( mainly wild flowers, silkweed and berry bushes) if the Hearthling gets scared and drops the item and you don’t catch the item to forcibly place it again it gets put back to your in stashes. if this happens you can not place them back to be used and harvested

a simple solution would be to make them placeable even if they end up in your stash. its showing 3 berry bushes, 2 brightbell and 3 wild silkweed in my ‘inventory’ but I cant place them using ‘p’


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hmm… this could be an offshoot of the fact that the flowers used to be used to craft window boxes…


do any of the pictures help ? figured they would help a bit

oh sorry, when i first posted the pictures hadnt loaded yet… from what i can tell the berry bushes and silkweed shouldnt be able to go into the stockpile, hence the missing image…

they dont help me at all because i’m not part of the team and i dont fix the bugs :wink:

but they might be helpful to TR.

ill go poke @sdee and @yshan unless im poking the wrong people or missed someone else

I think its more of the game mechanics’ fault sicne your Hearthlings drop the item and run. but I do have a few ‘items to be placed’ that are still transparent

alright I added a save


it seems that I can place the bright bells back down but not the other 2.

@jomaxro : do you know anything about this problem or have you seen it yourself?

I don’t know anything, sorry! I can tell you that Yang has seen this error, but that’s about it.

ah, well hope they add them as 'items ’ so you can place them again if they do get dropped:blush:

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I cannot load the save you provided because the folder is blank?
Thank you

@yshan :

alright its up

uploading a new one
ill post it once its ready=]

I cant believe that’s the second one that broke >.<

Do you remember what exactly the people were doing when they decided to restock the plants? I tried making them hungry and sleepy, but they finished placing the plant instead of restocking it…

it seems to happen when I have them flee from a monster or use the town alert making them run to the center of the map fomr the outer edges. were the last of the plants were ( the ‘bottom’ of the map on both sides)

So when you press the town defense button and make them drop the plant before placing it, does someone else come along and put the plant into a stockpile?

I haven’t seen a different Hearthling pick it back up personally but there have been times were I have had town alert on for 50-60 seconds on 2or 3 times speed when I have been attacked on 2 or 3 directions so maybe that was something that caused it?

Okay, I got it to happen.
If people become injured while carrying stuff, they put that in their backpacks, which is then added to their inventory etcetc. Will fix.
Thank you for all the info!


not a problem @yshan :birthday:

I got the link for the saves for this bug and the other one back up. somehow they broke :sweat: