Items lost in stonehearths voiid {Fixed with reload}

Started a new game
i did not make any stockpile or chest until 30 mins in game
once made hearthlings did the job and stored everything, i crafted som doorways and bought 2 berry seeds
placed them, ghost do show up but only one bush has been placed and 2 dorrways didnt show up

im still able to select them in place menu and place a ghost, but they never show up. I then waited for a vendor and once in the sell menu the 3 items dont show up, (i was able to sell him other items of the same category)

Reload did fix it

Well, since people complained about us cutting the alternative planes feature, we replaced it with this…

Seriously, though, thanks for the report. I’ll take a look.


Some of your best work :heart_eyes:

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