Alpha 24.5.1 Stone Chests Bug

Title: Stone Chests become bugged

I made 24 stone chests one outta the 24 became fine quality this resulted in having a normal chest being showed as in being able to be deployed but not in any inventory or storage container. So if you tried to deploying the chest it would never get deployed. I made another chest after this issue came up at which point the number of chests that it said in inventory I could deploy then went to 4 but only had 1 in actual inventory that could be placed. Not sure if this makes sense but this has happened on two separate games.

Steps to reproduce:
Make a bunch of chests until you start getting fine quality items and place them places.

Expected Results:
I expected to the number of chests I made to be correct in the inventory and not result in a ghost I couldn’t deploy.

Actual Results:
Got strange ghosting issues with stone chests.

Versions and Mods:

Hey @Prinnyking :slightly_smiling_face:

Could you try something? If you saved after that, could you load that savefile, then press Ctrl+C to open the console, type dump_inaccessible_items in the console and press Enter?

Does the console say any item was dumped? If so, the item(s) should appear next to your banner.

Are you in unstable, or in the rickety (new builder) branch?

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Hi im running unstable yeah i dont have that save but did a new game where ran into same problem one of the chests will not deploy. Ran the dump and it dumped zero items.

Did you save / load first? It won’t dump the items otherwise. :thinking:

Oh hey yeah that worked i loaded it and dumped the item like you said and it showed up by flag.

Thanks for confirming!
I tried to reproduce this bug recently but didn’t have luck, so I was wondering if some code of the new builder might have fixed it. I’ll keep trying to repro.

This bug can happen with any placeable item (including plants) so it shouldn’t be tied to item quality. :thinking:

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Yeah I’ve gotten it on the last three games when i make like 20 plus chests in one go and start placing them. I hope it helps you guys love the game its really fun cant wait till its complete.