Can not undeploy items (it states they are in use)

Suddenly items that are placed in the world can not be undeployed, it says they are in use? Some items can while others cant… It seems to help reloading the game, but the problem return quite quickly.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. deploy a bunch of items
  2. use the undeploybutton
  3. it is not clickable on some items.

Expected Results:

Actual Results:

In the screenshot, it is a vase that wont be undeployed, but the bonsai and small candlepot cant be moved either. I have attached the savegame aswell if needed…
Attachments: (6.3 MB)

Version Number and Mods in use:

System Information:

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Thanks for the savefile! This is very strange.
I wonder if it is caused by using a previous savegame.
Will keep trying to repro.

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Which mods are you using @Fornjotr ?
This second time I loaded your savefile, all the items that have the undeploy command have it disabled :confused:

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Ah yes mods… The mod tutorial was enabled when i started the town, but i disabled it a while ago.

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I have the same problem. But reload has help by this problem.

Were you using a savefile from a previous version of the rickety branch, or was it happening in a new game, @Lorki?

New game with the new builder

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Found the repro steps, devs are working in a solution to this. :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry for the inconvenience! I hope you can at least move those items.


Moving is fine. Undeplying, however, is an issue. The item is fine from one play session, but upon reload items seem to be getting bugged. I currently have a cookpot, kiln, and a market stall I can’t put in storage.

EDIT: It’s happening to any item I put down on the MP branch in single player mode.

The issue is fixed in the release that was pushed earlier today, but unfortunately items in savegames from yesterday’s release will not be fixed.

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This was a game I started earlier today.

The new release (834, 835 for multiplayer) was pushed around 5PM PST.

It’s a good thing I wrote down my current seed. >.>

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@max99x Okay, I downloaded the new release. The bug persists.

There might be something to do with the re-embarkment team. But all my trading urns are bugged. This includes the new ones I just built.

Can you describe the behavior you are seeing now? I can’t reproduce the issue on release 834.

When I re-embarked, it was a team from the previous release. That team had in their inventory one of the large pink trading urns. It cannot be undeployed and neither can any of the ones being created and placed in this new game.

I hope that’s a bit more clear.

Can you send me the reembarkment file? It’s in the Stonehearth folder under saved_objects\stonehearth\reembarkation.

Here you go. (1.9 KB)

Hmm, still can’t reproduce it with that. Can you verify that your Steam has updated Stonehearth? What version does it show at the bottom right in the main menu? If it’s 834 or 835, can you attach a savefile showing the problem?

To replicate, try saving the game and then reloading that save. IIRC, that seems to trigger it. I’m attempting to replicate it myself with a fresh save and if it does replicate, I’ll upload the file.

EDIT: Yes, I’m on r-835.