Undeploy not working a24-851

Objects marked for undeploy are never undeployed.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Play the game for 10 or so in-game days (length here is questionable - this was when I noticed).
  2. Issue undeploy commands on items.
  3. Items are never undeployed.

Expected Results:
Expecting the items to be undeployed and stored in stockpile/container.

Actual Results:
The objects are never undeployed.

Single player save. Happens every time I play the game.

Version Number and Mods in use:
a24-851 unstable. vanilla.

System Information:

Can you upload a savegame where this occurs?

@deltanon, do you have storage filters set to None by default? There’s currently a bug where all the storages are set to None after loading a savefile. This would explain why undeploy does not work for you, since none of the storages would accept any item unless you change their filters again.

undeploy_bug.zip (4.2 MB)
Attached a save-file with the bug. You can see in the screenshot, the furniture with the undeploy on them.

@Relyss There is only one storage container in this instance - the stockpile, and it is set to ALL.
My game settings has stockpiles set to default ALL, if that’s relevant.

@max99x Nothing fancy was done in this game, I literally started it 40mins ago to provide a test case for this bug report. I Dug into the mountain, placed down floors with the slab tool. Placed furniture on the floors. Tried to undeploy the furniture and bingo - no dice.

Thanks for the replies tho people, let me know if I can provide any more help.

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Bit more to add;

I left the game running another 20 mins and added a 2nd even larger stockpile.
To ensure it wasn’t task saturation, or a full stockpile preventing the undeploy and they did eventually get around to undeploying one of the items.

The 2nd item was thoroughly ignored however until the point the Hearthlings were sitting around the fire idle. Are undeploy jobs low in priority? If I issue a move order to the same furniture, the Hearthlings are right on it!

undeploy_bug2.zip (5.2 MB)
Here is a second save-file with the bug. This one has mods running, which I had presumed was causing the issue at first. Until I removed them and it still reoccurred.

Sacred Grove
Home sweet home
Lorkis Biome
Miner Profession
Patrol Points
Smart Crafter
Taiga Biome
Archipelago Biome
Ballista Turret
Better Storage
Canyon Biome
Crafter Queues
Rocky Moutains
Sacred Grove Biome

Look at them slackers!

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I’m having the same issue

Same here r-852.

same issue here.
i just created a stockpile for furniture and set some chairs to undeploy
all my workers are idle as they have nothing else to do yet they don’t take the chairs. they can redeploy but not undeploy
A24 852

update: workbechs undeploy as expected so might be only furniture(?)

update2: how interesting… i used redeploy(Y) and when a heartling takes the item i undeployed (U) and in some cases the heartling started to undeploy the other items too… not all of them but 3 out of 5 chairs were undeployed

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I’ve had to start using a similar work-around to get things un-deployed also.

For anyone interested here it is-
If you issue the re-deploy command and then once its in the hands of the Hearth-ling, but BEFORE they reached the next position, cancel the re-deploy and the item will be dropped on the ground at which point it will be stored as usual.

Thanks for reporting this and providing a savegame. This should be fixed in the next release.