Release 180 Undeloy not working

Doesn’t work on any item.

can anyone else confirm the undeploy is broken in the latest client?

I haven’t had any problems. In fact, I’ve been pleasantly surprised since the last time I tried because it never worked. :smile:

@thomasbiggin, if you have any more details or a savefile please add them in. It’s always possible that you encountered some weird edge case that breaks the undeploy function.

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I regularly save over files, If I can remember correctly, it was only on the picket fence and gate (no I didn’t try every item). I can’t remember making them and can’t remember trading them. They appeared in my stockpile and then wouldn’t undeploy.

If I come across the bud again in another save I will let you guys know.

Just tried this with a picket fence gate and it worked. Post back if you’re able to duplicate it - the more info the better. Thanks for reporting this!