[Con] Item permanenty marked as undeploy

Somehow i got an items that was always marked as undeploy after placing it. The worker places it and removes it immidiatly.

Steps to reproduce:
tested with a chair:
pause game
undeploy chair
move chair
deselect chair
select it again
press undeploy several times

Expected Result:
the chair will be marked as undeploy and not as moved

Actual Result:
chair is only marked as moved but moved and then undeployed by a worker if you place the item again it will immidiatly undeployed

Alpha 7 r 183


Can confirm I have also had this bug.

well … that’s an odd one… :smile:


I had this problem before. This is my workaround - if you click the item that has been marked for permanant undeploy quickly (after it is placed and before it is picked back up), it will usually clear the undeploy arrow.

Hey All!

I’m not sure what’s going on here, but everytime I try to place a birdbath, my hearthians set it down and then come right back, remove it, and put it back in the stockpile, just as if it was undeployed.

I’m running A8-2176


x64 or x32? thx for the info ^^

hey there @mokujin1970 … that’s an odd one… :smile:

do you have any other activities happening at the same time? have you tried isolating it such that there are no harvesting, building actions taking place… and you ONLY attempt to simply place a birdbath?

AHHHH know i remind me why i have started Stonehearth xD Bad AI-Bug everytime when i must wait i forget why i have start the game :wink:

sooo first the normal pathfinding bug - mason get the bath goes to the ore stockpile -> then install it and then he remove it immediately and bring it to the correct stockpile, then to the ore stockpile and the he stands there doesnt know why and later he let the bath fall xD


This reminds me of the auto undeploy bug, but it’s a bit different…

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Hi @SteveAdamo

There is some building going on. I’ll wait until the building is done, and I’ll try again. :smile:

@Wiese2007 I’m running the x64 version :smile:


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Hmm, How Odd.

I had a problem like this but with fences…

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I also experienced this bug on the x64 version. It was sad, because I had just built the birdbath and was gonna place around some stone benches and flowers… for some reason, they just picked it back up once they put it down.

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I just saw that Tom experienced this same bug on Tuesday’s livestream :sweat_smile:

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Yeah, can confirm it as well. Bit odd, but at least it’s only a bird bath I guess :stuck_out_tongue: .

Are bird baths messing up again?

i can confirm that i have this happen.

Iv’e found in the newest build that when I tell one of my villagers to place a bird bath, They build it and then instantly dismantle it and bring it back to storage. Recreating this is easy, Just try and place a bird bath. Don’t know if anyone else is seeing this or not just thought I’d bring it up.

I’m using A9 now, and the birdbaths are behaving the way they should. However, the fur rugs are self-deploying now!