Moving and undeploying

when I try to move a chair (furniture) , the mechanic works, but instead of moving the old chair, the game instead deploy new chair (furniture). I have to undeploy the wrongly placed items before I’m able to deploy it again. Please check it out.


This probably happened when you moving furniture in a building still under construction. The game treats that as placing a new item.

The best thing to do about it right now is to wait untill a buidling is finished before moving your furniture

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Ummm . . . nope, it definitely does not only happen with unfinished buildings. It seems that it can happen with any finished building, too, unfortunately. This is a bug.

Haven’t experienced this bug personally even once since I got the game over a year ago… Are you using any mods? Is it happening on a building or regular terrain? Could you provide any screenshots?

I’m not in any way a support member but any of that information could help solve the problem.

Me? Nope, no mods. And it just happened again earlier this evening. I’m using the Steam latest version, a21r3349.

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as golden said. no mods and latest untested version. experienced this yesterday.