Bug report: Not moving my stuff

I buildet a Tavern house.
Then placed inside beds (it was allready done)
Then wooden dresser
I wanted to move it because it was wrong placed
But they dont move it.
So i tried to use the console to “destroy” it.
Nope don’t worked, now i need to destroy the entire building

Try and let the carpenter make a new wooden dresser. It seems like if the building is not all complete with everything placed, this happens. The only thing that cant be fixed with the crafter making a new copy, is if you try and place the camp standard on such an unfinished building… then you are screwed :frowning:
But this issue is annoying and should be fixed soon i hope?

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You could also try to use the command ib. This should instantly complete the building, though you will not use any of your items or recourses.
Thx for reading :smile:

There can be more than one reason why they aren’t moving it. Next time, upload the savefile and we’ll take a look. :slight_smile: