[3010] Multiple bugs in latest build

    a) Furniture doesn’t seem to want to go into either chests OR open storage.
    b) Advanced produce (e.g. cooked food, weapons, armour etc.) will be placed in chests BUT will not be retrieved by hearthlings afterwards. Caused a pretty severe famine in one save despite having over 100 vegetable stew in chests.

    Items will not undeploy. If I click undeploy and then try to move it, hearthlings will undeploy it to wherever it is and then ignore it forever; items won’t be moved to storage and won’t show up for me to sell in a store either. I have like 30 chairs just all over the floor in my base.

  3. LOOT:
    Actually, most stuff is being looted fine, EXCEPT for Goblin Honour Tokens and Scout Hats. Don’t know what they’ve got against those particular things, but even when workers are idle they won’t go near them. They’ll loot everything around it and then just leave it there.

Game version: A17 Build 3010 - Steam calls the current content BuildID: 1181019
No mods in use. Presented these bugs in multiple instances. Started new games with newest build so this isn’t a relic from an older version of the game.


Can confirm the Storage and the Undeploy Bug.
The items in question can’t be sold either, as they don’t show up in the shop dialog.

BTW, good job @yshan, the CTDs are fixed for me, thank you!

Agreed, I have things around, plus I’ve built but they wont deploy the Carpenters Toolbench, 3 in the pic showing placement, but they wont be set.

this caused me so much pain, I didn’t even realize it was a bug, I thought my hearthlings were just too busy :cold_sweat:


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Think the kobold hats are suppose to be under trophy under wealth. the diamond. Very odd furniture not getting into storage. I’ll have to see that one for myself, since I have primarily chests with individual furniture tags…

  1. Storage. It seems that if you have a chest and tick the “Construction” tab, nothing vil go in the chest. I have some chest with that option activated, and nothing goes in it, and then I have a vault with lots of chest that is just default, and the heartlings carry all the construction and furniture stuff to them. (the “construction chest” is right besides my workbench).

The Furniture storage problem actually showed up in Dev3008 for me, but was only in some of my new saves (2 out of 3 had the problem, 1 seemed fine). In Dev3010, all of my new saves have the issue (5 worlds now I believe). Furniture will go into “All”-labelled stockpiles and chests, but nothing else. Removing anything from the filter makes the storage invalid for furniture. That means there is a workaround (use some “All”-filtered chests/stockpiles), but it makes a mess of organization.

I haven’t noticed the food bug explicity, but it would explain things. I noticed the hearthlings seemed to be picking ‘differently’ than I was used to pre-3008 (in 3008, they were mostly eating my cooked food, which was in a stockpile, whereas they usually eat raw food from my chests).

For Undeploy, it seems to be a symptom of the Storage problem, rather than a problem unto itself. To undeploy furniture, the hearthling needs a destination for it. With the stockpiles not accepting furniture, they never see a valid place to put the item, so they never pick it up in the first place. The temp workaround has been to mark it for undeploy, then give it a relocate order. Most of the time, the hearthline will come to relocate it, turn it into an item, then drop it and go on to the next task (presuming you have no “All”-filter storage with room left, of course).

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If you don’t have “all” checked for your storage lots or containers it won’t work. Check that box then your hearthlings will undeploy and put everything where it goes.

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So basically, if I have boxes that I want to have only medicine, when I do that everything else breaks… nice…

Ok, in this version many of the filters got set to default none due to I guess apparent changes to many of the filters.

I don’t mind how the armor, weapons and those sort of things got sorted, as well the food items except you can not separate animal feed from the lot.

Gears being in refined metals… I guess that is a good temp for now till they get their own thing; however there is not enough to have its’ own filter anyway.

The one thing I didn’t like was the fact they took lights out. I liked lights having their own filter. I am guessing it now goes into decor? unsure. The kind of messes with the way I had my market place setup. I don’t mind the rest of the stuff being put together, but didn’t like lights being merged with one of the others.

Also the monument I guess don’t have a place yet beyond the all category or is it something I don’t have marked… I don’t have an “all” set storage place, and wanted to avoid doing that. As well the worker shirts do the same as the monument being only in the “all” only.

I have not had problems with furniture like the Original poster, now that I had a chance to check out this version/build of the game. At least the error showing upon load is gone, which was that scaffolding error message thing.

I do play on an old save for now, and seems to work pretty well. So might have something to do with new games? Don’t really know. Might have to see about that later when I actually do make another new save.

Didn’t see much wrong with the filters beyond what I mentioned. So far… at least with my old save. :slight_smile:

I have also been having a problem with the Hearthlings not looting the scout hats and the honor tokens.

So, if I place a storage container near the items and select ALL for storage category, they will loot the hats and tokens?

that should work if you’re playing on an older version; for the steam latest build, they shouldn’t have a problem getting looted into non-ALL storage

i think the firepits are still broken though, @yshan (d3023)