[A4 R120][Con]: Silkweed Rots immediately, Workaround Inside

Possible bug for @sdee

Parenthesis missing after Mature Silkweed stage meaning that silkweed regularly ticks over to rotten silkweed once mature. This makes it very difficult/impossible to farm

Fix@ Add:

           "model_name" : "silkweed_5",
           "name": "Mature silkweed"
        },{}, {}, {}, {}, {}, {}, {},  (<--add some parenthesis)
           "model_name" : "silkweed_20",
           "name": "Rotten silkweed"

to stonehearth.smod\stonehearth\entities\plants\silkweed\silkweed_crop\silkweed_crop.json

Result: I can now farm Silkweed before it rots.

Not sure whether this is the actual cause, or whether others are having the same issue, but adding parenthesis resolved the issue for me.


Oh wow, good find and good fix. Sorry about that!