Referencing entities in recipes


I’m trying to use Silkweed for a recipe. I need to use the plant itself, the grown wild one you can harvest. The recipe doesn’t work though, and I think that is probably due to silkweed having child entities in the catalog (:stem, :bud , …). Is it possible to surpass this?

wait, the actual plant plant? as in only a full-grown uprooted version, that one?
…im kinda curious what it has to be that one and not like, seeds. or fibre :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yup, the plant plant :jubilant: I want that one because it’s going to be immediately placed in a breeding program :jubilant:

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in that case should it not point at the iconic version? thats the one you can store.
does it work if you give

as the URI?
(not 100% sure but it might work)

Tried that, did not work… The weird thing is, that I referenced the brighbell in another recipe (and forgot about it) as stonehearth:plants:brightbell and it works. The silkweed has the same path and does not work :thinking:

hmm. maybe you had a typo the first time around or something?

   "ingredients": [
         "uri": "stonehearth:plants:silkweed",
         "count": 1

What happens? Crash? Error? Recipe does not appear? Appear but is uncraftable? Wrong resource?


What happens, you ask? It works! Turns out I forgot to rewrite “material” to “uri”, oops… :sweat_smile:


It happens to all of us :stuck_out_tongue: