Material description issue

Hey Community,
it’s me again…

I have some small problems with the visualisation of the description in some craftable items. Where it comes from? Someone maybe can help me? Or has already had the same problem?

It is in the recipes.
If your ingredient is herb resource, it will accept any item that has those two tags in their item json.

Brightbell plant drops a brightbell when harvested, and that item has this:

  "stonehearth:catalog": {
     "display_name": "i18n(stonehearth:entities.resources.herb.brightbell.display_name)",
     "description": "i18n(stonehearth:entities.resources.herb.brightbell.description)",
     "icon": "file(brightbell.png)",
     "is_item": true,
     "category": "resources",
     "material_tags": "plant herb resource stockpile_plant"

The material tags have herb and resource, that is why it is accept as one of the herb ingredients.

Ahh yes the herb as general ressource was intended. Just because the recipe must wor for ascedancy and rayya. But you can see the black box behind the material im the recipe is to big on the right side.

I think that is just the minimum size of the tooltip

It’s from stonehearth\data\resource_constants.json.

Ahhh ok also it’s not a Bug in the mod right?

Is there any possibility to solve it?

If you’re referring to the tooltip being too wide, that’s the case for all tooltips in the game, as they are capped at a minimum of 100 pixels wide. I’ll fix that for next release, but it isn’t specific to your mod (e.g. you can look at tooltips for other recipes that use herbs).


Ahh no problem. I’m just happy that’s not a Bug in the Mod ^^

Thx for the quick answer