Material Tagging in recipes

Maybe im blind but i cant figure out the reference from these lines
(taken from herbalist heavy bandage)
“ingredients”: [
“material”: “herb resource”,
“count”: 4
I know thats tagging system. Ok no problem so far
where is the .json which points to the herbs.png to show up in the recipe if this tag is used ?

in jeweler mod i would like to have awakened_plant resource like the example, because frostsnap, brightbell and cactus flower are not always available in both biomes. And it would be unfair if recipes are simple available for one and hard for the others.

Look at the jobs folder, go to the job class, and then in recipes. There you will see a list of all the recipes of that job. They can have a different .png for the crafting windows, it is set in those files.

The tags are used for the crafting too, though are set in the entities files. For example, you can say your recipe needs some item with the herbs tag, so any flower or items with that tag can be used to craft your recipe.


For the actual herbs icon that appear in any craft that requires herbs showing how many you need for that item, that is actually in this file data\resource_constants.json

thanks @BrunoSupremo
the edit you just posted was the information i needed.

I applied sprout material tag to all plants via mixin into ghost.json files and mixed an appropriate entry into resource_constants.json. The tag is not applied to the iconic form so I mix it into iconic.ghost files as well. The icon and name work fine but the game displays 0/1 in the recipe despite the player having entities with "is_item": true and sprout material tag in the inventory. Are there any limitations in using material table I am not aware of (like only non-placeable items being accepted)?

This is very strange because a trader using the same material tag works fine.