A19 Problem updating a mod (Fixed)

Hi, im trying to update my transmute mod, i think everything is ok but, theres a problem, when one of my items is crafted, it ends under a weird category, i got some weird icons, and i cant seem to find the way to edit that category, can any one help me?

Adding the link, so you can help me find the problem :smile:


I’m purely guessing here, as I can’t see what’s in the files themselves.

  1. For the images, likely a typo in either the file name in the json, or the .png name itself.
  2. As for the category, that likely has to do with the recent modding changes added in A18. For all the details check out the Stonehearth Website.

i can send you the mod if you want i have no problem with that so you can check it on detail,

I, unfortunately, don’t have time today to look in detail. If you post it here publically another user might be able to give you a hand, or I should be able to help tomorrow.

thanks Jomaxro, ill put the link here and ill check the link that you sent me.

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@Alaswing, the image that doesn’t appear in the recipe list is the one on the Stone_Cooper recipe, it says “containers” twice in the path, so it’s wrong:

About the categories, you’re missing “category”: “storage”, in the “entity_data” section of your _ghost.json files. With this they will be stored on the “storage” category of the game, like the other resource piles.

Also on the material_tags section on entity_data, each separated word represents a material tag, so don’t use spaces on them.

For example, for the pile of clay on Stonehearth, the material_tags are: “stockpile_clay crafted clay resource_pile”.
I recommend to use similar tags, for example “wood_to_stone stockpile_stone crafted stone resource_pile”, this way they will be treated more similarly to the other piles of the game.

Lastly, we don’t recommend using uppercase and spaces on names of files, but if you’re sure that you won’t make spelling errors when typing paths and references, it should work anyway.


Thank you Relyss, ill check the files and try to fix them!


Thanks a lot guys its fixed now.